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Risk Reward delivers highly interactive, cutting-edge case-studies driven practical courses for banking & finance professionals worldwide

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Risk Reward is at the leading edge of emerging financial technologies and non-bank financial services which are at the forefront of fintech innovation and how banks and regulators through training can find ways to manage these trends and its impact.

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Accounting, Finance and Taxfor Regulators, Banks, Financial Institutions, Accounting Firms and Corporates
AC025 Capital Allocation
AC026 IFRS 16 Leases
AC027 IFRS 9 Financial Instruments
AC028 IFRS 9 and Credit Risk for Bank Boards
AC029 IFRS For The Downstream Oil And Gas Sector
AC030 IFRS Fundamentals For Upstream Oil & Gas
AC031 IFRS Refresh & Updates
AC032 Intermediate Oil & Gas Finance & Accounting Strategies
AC033 International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
AC034 Introduction To Oil & Gas Finance & Accounting
AC035 Oil & Gas Accounting Best Practice
AC036 Oil & Gas Finance & Accounting Strategies
AC037 IFRS 9 and Credit Impairment post COVID-19
CFAB01 ICAEW CFAB Accounting
CFAB03 ICAEW CFAB Business, Technology and Finance
CFAB05 ICAEW CFAB Management Information
CFAB06 ICAEW CFAB Principles of Taxation
AC001 Capital Management and Basel Accord
AC002 Economic Capital
AC003 Capital Management
AC004 Hedge Accounting
AC006 Management Accounting for Banks
AC007 Strategic Budgeting and Planning
AC009 Investment Accounting
AC010 International Accounting Standards (IAS)
AC013 Strategic Government Accounting and Audit
AC015 Financial Planning and Forecasting
AC016 Budgeting and Planning in Excel
AC017 Financial Ratio Analysis
AC019 ICAEW ACA Business Reporting
AC020 ICAEW ACA Business Change
AC021 ICAEW ACA Case Study
AC022 CISI Corporate Finance
AC023 Corporate and Asset Valuation
AC024 The Mathematics of Banking and Finance
AC018 Certificate in International Financial Accounting Standards (IFRS)
BNK061 NEW Understanding IFRS & Its Impact – Certificated Learning

Asset Managementfor Regulators, Asset Management, Insurance & Pension Firms
AM018 Private Equity
AM019 Private Equity Valuations
AM021 CISI International Certificate in Wealth & Investment Management
AM025 CISI Investment Management (Level 4)
AM026 Understanding Investment Risk
AM027 Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) Level I
AM028 Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) Level II
AM029 Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) Level III
AM030 Investment Management Certificate (IMC)
AM031 Asset Management Approaches, Styles and Controls
FM012 Fixed Income Analysis
FM013 Reporting Asset Management
AM001 Asset Management for Institutional Investors and Pension Fund Trustees
AM002 Asset Management Approaches, Styles & Products
AM003 Asset Management for Non-Executive Directors
AM004 Asset Management for Professionals
AM005 Auditing Asset Management
AM007 Hedge Fund Asset Management
AM008 Mastering Advanced Asset Securitisation
AM010 Portfolio Analysis
AM012 Property as an Asset Class
AM014 School of Asset Management
AM016 Investment Fund Administration
AM017 Portfolio Analysis
AM030 Investment Management Certificate (IMC)

BIS Basel Accord, Basel II, 2.5, Basel III & Basel IVfor Regulators, Banks and Financial Institutions
BSL002 Basel II/III and Credit Derivatives
BSL004 Basel II/III and Regulatory Capital Arbitrage
BSL007 Basel II/III for the Finance Function
BSL009 Basel II/III Reporting
BSL012 Basel III for the Board Seminar
BSL016 Basel II/III Workshop
BSL017 Basel 2.5 and Market Risk
BSL018 Living Wills, Recovery & Resolution Plans
BSL019 Basel IV/Fundamental Review of the Trading Book
BSL005 Basel II/III and Risk Management
BSL014 Basel III, Liquidity Management and Stress Testing
BSL010 Basel II/III, Compliance and Operational Risk Management
BSL013 Basel III, Capital Management and ICAAP
BSL001 Basel II/III and Capital Requirements for Credit Risk
BSL011 Basel II/III, Operational Risk and IT Issues
BSL008 Basel II/III Implementation and Compliance
CB016 Basel II/III and Risk Management for Central Banks
BSL015 Basel II/III and Asset Management
BSL003 Basel II/III and Economic Capital

C-Suite Innovationfor Board, Committees, and Senior Management
BSL012 Basel III for the Board Seminar
RM031 Board, Corporate Governance and Risk Management for Banks and Financial Institutions
RM057 Board and Credit Risk Analysis for Non-Executive Directors
ISL035 Islamic Banking and Finance for the Board and Non-Executive Directors
IA073 Auditing Board Effectiveness
CSI004 The Innovative Chief Operating Office
CSI007 The Innovative Head of Treasury
CSI009 Inclusive Leadership
SDIT001 Bank Systems, Data and IT for the Board and Senior Management
CPR003 Boardroom Governance
AC028 IFRS 9 and Credit Risk for Bank Boards
CSI008 NEW The Innovative Money Laundering Reporting Officer
CSI006 NEW The Innovative Head of Compliance
CSI003 NEW The Innovative Chief Audit Executive
CSI002 NEW The Innovative Chief Financial Officer
RM091 NEW Inclusive Leadership
CSI005 The Innovative Chief Risk Officer
CSI001 NEW The Innovative Chief Executive Officer
CRP050 NEW Innovative Strategic Planning in Banking

Capital Markets and Commoditiesfor Regulators, Stock Exchanges, Banks and Financial Institutions
CM053 Introduction to Repo Documentation
CM054 Credit Derivatives Documentation for Risk Officers
CM055 Introduction to Commodity Markets
CM056 Regulation and the Capital Markets
CM057 CISI Global Securities
CM058 Risk Management of Money Markets
CM059 Carbon Trading
CM061 Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) Level II
CM062 Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) Level III
CM063 Investment Management Certificate (IMC)
CM064 Securities Financing Transaction Reporting (SFTR)
CM065 Financial Crime in Capital Markets & Advisory: Case Studies
FM009 Fixed Income Analysis
CM024 Structured Finance: CDOs
CM025 CISI Investment Management (Level 4)
CM027 Understanding Commodities in Capital Markets
CM028 Understanding Private Equity
CM029 Capital Markets and Private Banking
CM031 Equity and Commodity Structured Products
CM032 Introduction to Capital Markets
CM033 2002 ISDA® Master Agreement: How it works and its credit and legal implications
CM034 Collateral and the ISDA® Credit Support Annex under English Law
CM042 CISI Fund Management
CM044 Petroleum Industry Supply chain
CM045 Petroleum Fiscal Systems and Economics
CM046 Equity Markets
CM047 Crude Oil Fundamentals
CM003 Introduction to Derivatives
CM004 Bond Issuance
CM005 Commodity Markets
CM007 Energy Risk
CM008 Derivatives Equity
CM010 Foreign Exchange and Money Markets
CM011 Risk Management of Commodity Markets
CM012 Fundamentals of Asset Securitisation
CM013 Futures and Options
CM015 Introduction to Money Markets
CM017 Capital Market Mathematics
CM018 Repo and Securities Lending Markets and their Documentation
CM019 Risk Based Supervision in Capital Markets for Regulators
CM002 Applied Private Equity Workshop
AC012 Practical Course on Financial Modelling
CM006 Derivatives, Hedging and Accounting
AM006 Equity Analysis
AM015 Technical Analysis
RM085 NEW Advanced Financial Markets – Risks, Uses & Processes

Central Banks & Financial Institutions Regulatorsfor Regulators, Banks, Financial Institutions
CB018LR Liquidity Risk for Central Banks
CB019 Systemic Risk and Central Counterparty
CB020 Political Risk for Central Counterparty
CM051 Regulation & Compliance
CB001 What Really Matters to Central Banks
CB003 Bank Consolidation
CB005 Implementing Risk-Based Supervision for Central Banks in Emerging Markets
CB006 Stress and Reverse Stress Testing for Central Banks
CB008 Micro Finance and Micro Business
CB009 Supervision of Banks for Examiners Workshop
CB010 Financial Crime Regimes for Central Banks
CB011 Risk-Based Internal Audit for Central Banks
CB012 Basel Compliance and the Internal Audit of Banks for Central Banks
CB014 Risk-Based Supervision in Central Banks
CB015 Credit Quake
CB017 Consolidated Supervision for Banks
BNK063 NEW Loan Recovery and Collection Techniques in Banking during Covid
RM034N NEW The Mathematics of Banking & Finance: Upskilling Workshop

Compliance & Regulationfor Regulators, Bank Associations, Banks , Financial Institutions & Corporations
CPR042 Investment Management Certificate (IMC)
CPR044 Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book (IRRBB)
CPR045 Basel IV Principles, Impact & Compliance
CPR046 European Markets Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR)
CPR048 Securities Financing Transaction Reporting (SFTR)
CRP051 Innovative & Practical Approaches to Governance, Risk and Compliance
CRP052 ABC, AML & CTF Practical Deterrence
CRP053 Innovative Strategic Planning in Banking
FC029 Data Protection
CPR017 Complaints Handling
CPR019 Conduct of Business Obligations
CPR020 Quality Control
CPR023 Financial Regulation for Professionals
CPR024 Regulation in the UK
CPR025 Compliance, Control and Risk
CPR026 Compliance for Banks and Funds
CPR029 Behaviour and Conduct Risk
CPR030 Introduction to Financial Services Regulation
CPR031 Who’s Afraid of Sysc and Risk Management
CPR032 Product Manufacturing and Review RPPD
CPR033 Giving Advice in Compliant Investment and Wealth Management COBS
CPR034 Client Communications and Financial Promotions
CPR036 FATCA Rules, Impact & Enforcement
CPR037 Client Assets Sourcebook Update
CPR039 Senior Management Regime
CPR040 MiFiD 2
CPR041 AML and Sanction Regime Update
CPR021 CISI UK Financial Regulations
CPR001 CISI Principles of UK Financial Regulation
CPR002 Introduction to Financial Services Regulation
CPR003 Boardroom Governance
CPR004 UK Financial Regulatory Environment for Non-UK Banks
CPR005 Regulation of Non-executive Directors
CPR006 Financial Promotions and Customer Information
CPR007 Market Abuse and Market conduct
CPR008 Responsibilities of Approved Persons
CPR009 Senior Management Arrangements, Systems & Controls
CPR010 Non-Executive Directors Workshop
CPR011 Regulatory Update
CPR012 Training and Competence Obligations
CPR013 International Compliance for Banks and Financial Institutions
CPR015 Stress Testing and Scenario Modelling
CPR016 Corporate Governance
CB018 CISI UK Regulation & Professional Integrity (Investment Advice Diploma)
RTA20214 NEW Trends in Risk, Governance and Compliance
CPR051 NEW Practical Approaches to Governance, Risk and Compliance
CPR043 NEW Basel IV/FRTB – The New Rules for Market Risk
CPR049 NEW 5th Money Laundering Directive & the Impact on Banks

Corporate Banking
CBF022 Introduction to Corporate Banking
CBF023 Developing and Validating Corporate Scorecards
CBF024 Uses and Misuses of Ratings in Corporate Banking
CBF025 CISI Corporate Finance Techniques and Theory (Diploma)
CBF030 Relationship Management
CBF031 Project Finance
CBF032 Trade Finance & Documentation
CBF001 Analysis of Company Strategy & Leadership Capability
CBF003 Evaluation of Business Plan and Projects
CBF004 Corporate and Retail Lending
CBF005 Financial Analysis and Non-Financial Evaluation
CBF006 Corporate Credit: Preparing for Bank Ratings
CBF007 Corporate Debt Recovery, Skills and Techniques
CBF008 Corporate Finance for Banks
CBF009 Corporate Products & Structured Facilities
CBF011 Credit Crunch for Corporates – Understanding the Bank Manager & Credit Policy
CBF013 Marketing Skills for Corporate Banks
CBF015 Asset Finance
CBF016 Understanding Bank Lending Processes and Decision
CBF017 Valuation and Business Modelling
CBF018 Valuing Banks for Merger and Acquisition
CBF019 Valuing Companies for Merger and Acquisition
CM060 Trade Receivables Securitisation
CM001 Advanced Capital Structuring

Digital Payments, Risk Software, Banking Systems, Data & ITfor Regulators, Banks, Financial Institutions, Funds and Insurers
SDIT008 Risk Management of Internet Banking
SDIT010 Management of IT Development Risk
SDIT014 Fundamentals of Information Security Risk Management
SDIT015 Information Risk Management
SDIT016 Auditing the IT Department for Auditors and Operations
SDIT017 Managing Database Risk
SDIT019 Payments Services Directive (PSD2)
SDIT020 Digital Banking, Payments & Financial Crime
SDIT021 Managing Financial Crime Risks
SDIT022 Risks in Payment Systems (ACH, SWIFT & Cryptocurrencies)
SDIT025 IT Risks and Controls in Banking
SDIT026 Innovation in Online Banking Products, Systems and Controls
SDIT029 Information, Communications Technology and Risk
SDIT030 CISI Level 3 Managing Cyber Security
SDIT001 Bank Systems, Data and IT for the Board and Senior Management
SDIT002 Basel II/III Regulatory Implementation and Compliance for Operations
SDIT003 Stress Testing and Scenario Testing for Operations – Corporate
SDIT004 Bank IT for Business Managers
SDIT005 Risk and Controls: How to Design, Plan and Implement Risk Assessment Reviews
SDIT007 Bank Systems, Payments & Cybercrime

Financial Crime, Fraud & Cybercrime Deterrencefor Regulators, Banks & Financial Institutions
FC033 5th Money Laundering Directive
FC034 Cybersecurity for Financial Institutions: Financial Crime Risk
FC035 Digital Banking, Payments & Financial Crime
FC036 Financial Crime Risk in Capital Markets & Advisory: Case Studies
FC037 Managing Financial Crime Risks
FC007 Bribery and Corruption
FC008 CISI Combating Financial Crime
FC009 FATF and BIS Financial Crime Investigation
FC010 Fraud for Bank Internal Auditors
FC011 International Sanctions and Counter Terrorist Proliferation
FC013 Market Abuse and Insider Dealing
FC014 Money Laundering and Financial Crime Deterrence
FC015 OFAC Sanctions
FC016 Fraud Detection, Prevention and Resolution
FC018 Preparing for Dawn Raids and Regulatory Reviews
FC019 Preventing, Detecting and Investigating Financial Crime
FC022 Risk-Based Anti-Money Laundering for NOs and MLROs
FC023 Understanding Money Laundering Deterrence
FC025 Fraud Awareness for Banking Supervisors and Regulators
FC027 Fraud Workshop
FC030 Treating Your Customer Fairly
FC032 Counter Terrorist Financing
FC001 Anti-Bribery and Corruption Controls
FC004 Anti-Money Laundering for Private Banking and Wealth Management
FC005 Auditing Financial Crime Regimes
FC006 Understanding the Bribery Act 2010 (UK) & Its Impact
FC017 Practical Workshop in Regulation and Compliance
FC028 CISI Global Financial Compliance
SDIT023 NEW Implementing Solutions to Mitigate Cybersecurity Risk
BNK030 NEW Implementation of Money Laundering, Sanctions & Financial Crime Deterrence Mitigation in Banks
FC038 NEW Advanced Financial Crime Workshop on Making Risk-Based Judgements in Banking
FC024N NEW Fraud Risk Management & Data Mining – Implementing Practical Solutions & Approaches

Financial Modelingfor Regulators, Banks and Financial Institutions
FM002 Advanced Financial Modelling
FM003 Economic and Regulatory Modelling
FM004 Financial Mathematics
FM005 Financial Modelling in Excel
FM006 Macro and Microeconomic Modelling
FM007 Mathematics of Banking and Finance
FM001 Accounting, Financial Modelling and Excel

Governance, Strategy & Products
TR009 Competitive Strategies for Treasury Sales
BNK065 Branch Banking Sales, Operations and Controls
ISL044 Islamic Project Finance
IB019 Investment Banking Products, Services and Operations
IB018 Bonds (Certified)
SDIT026 Innovation in Online Banking Products, Systems and Controls
IB013 CISI Financial Derivatives Module
CM048 Global Securities Operations (certified)
AM031 Asset Management Approaches, Styles and Controls
CPR051 NEW Practical Approaches to Governance, Risk and Compliance
RM098 NEW ESG and Risk Management for Banks
CORP020 NEW Credit Risk in Trade Finance & Cross-Border Finance in Banking
CORP021 NEW Ethics and Culture Risk – Implementation and Management for Corporations

Insurance, Reinsurance, Bancassurancefor Regulators and Firms
SLV9 Solvency II and Risk Management for Insurers
SLV01 Project Managing Solvency II
SLV02 Liquidity Risk for Insurers
SLV10 Asset and Liability Management for Insurers
SLV11 Enterprise Risk Management for Insurers/Reinsurers
SLV12 Risk Based Supervision for Insurance Regulators
SLV14 Solvency II and IFRS Application
SLV15 Solvency II, Regulation, Risk and Reporting
SLV16 Internal Model and ORSA Workshop
SLV17 Solvency II: Risk, Systems, Data, IT and Analysis for COOs/CIOs/IT Heads
SLV19 ICAAP to ORSA Workshop
SLV20 Practical Workshop: Preparing the IMAP
SLV3 Solvency II Project Impact Workshop for Senior Management
SLV4 Advanced Solvency II Workshop: The Internal Model, Use Test, Requirements and Governance
SLV5 Internal Audit Programme Writing Workshop for Solvency II
SLV6 Solvency II Workshop on Key Requirements
SLV7 Solvency II Academy
SLV8 Solvency II and Internal Control
CII.SLV1 CII Introduction to Solvency II
CII.SLV2 CII Solvency II for Insurers – Implementation
CII.SLV3 CII Reinsurance
CII.SLV4 CII Life Underwriting and Claims

Internal Auditfor Regulators, Audit Associations, Banks, Financial Institutions & Corporations
IC031 Continuous Auditing using Risk Assessment to Build Audit Programmes
IA069 Auditing Bank Capital and Funding
IA070 Auditing Liquidity Risk Management
IA071 Auditing Living Wills, Recovery and Resolution Plans
IA072 Chief Internal Auditor Academy
IA073 Auditing Board Effectiveness
IA074 Auditing Asset Management
IA075 Introduction to Internal Audit
IA076 Auditing Internal Audit Assignments
IA077 Audit Planning
IA079 Improving External Audit Assurance (Part 2)
IA080 Innovative Bank Internal Audit
IA081 Achieving External Audit Competency (Part 1)
IA082 Auditing Gas & Electric Utility Companies
IA083 Embedding Professional Skepticism into Audit Culture
IA085 Advanced Risk-Based Internal Audit
IA091 Auditing Operational Resilience
IA099 Innovative & Practical Approaches to Auditing Bank Lending and Credit Management
IA100 New Techniques for Auditing the Credit Function under COVID
IA101 ICAAP, Practice & Understanding and Audit
IA102 Auditing Enterprise Risk in Banking
IA050 Auditing Budgeting, Forecasting and Reporting
IA051 Auditing Business Continuity Planning
IA052 Auditing Community Banks
IA053 Auditing Credit Administration
IA054 Auditing Factoring and Invoice Discounting
IA055 Auditing Financial Accounting
IA056 Auditing Fraud and Money Laundering Deterrence
IA057 Auditing Management Accounting and Finance
IA058 Auditing Operations and Processing
IA059 Auditing Product Control
IA060 Auditing the Branch Network
IA061 Auditing the Credit Committee and Governance
IA062 Auditing the Finance Department
IA063 Auditing the ILAAP
IA064 Auditing Internal Audit Department
IA065 Basel III for Internal Auditors
IA066 Dodd- Frank for Internal Auditors
IA067 Regulatory Update for Internal Auditors
IA067N The IIA and the Revised Three Lines Model
IA068 Auditing Asset Securitisation
IA022 Auditing the Risk Department
IA023 Auditing the Treasury Function
IA025 Bank Internal Audit School
IA027 Auditing Credit Scoring
IA028 Debt Finance for Auditors
IA029 Effective Audit Committees
IA030 Managing the Internal Audit Department
IA032 Risk Based Internal Audit for Banks
IA034 Writing Effective Audit Reports
IA038 Capital Management and Basel For Auditors
IA039 Value for Money and Performance Auditing
IA041 Auditing Solvency II
IA042 Auditing Basel II/III and Risk Management for Banks and FIs
IA043 Auditing Counterparty Risk
IA044 Auditing Project Finance
IA045 Auditing Consumer Finance
IA046 Auditing Corporate Lending
IA047 Auditing Trade Finance
IA048 Modernising the Internal Audit Function
IA049 Audit of Recovery and Resolution Planning
CIA001 IIA Certified Internal Auditor® Part 1
CIA002 IIA Certified Internal Auditor® Part 2
CIA003 IIA Certified Internal Auditor® Part 3
IA001 Fundamentals of Internal Auditing
IA002 Auditing Internal Controls
IA003 Auditing Derivatives
IA004 Auditing the Compliance Department
IA005 Auditing Excel Spreadsheets
IA007 Principles of Internal Audit
IA008 Internal Audit Quality Assurance
IA010 Auditing for Insurers
IA011 Auditing the Insurance Companies
IA012 Auditing Model Risk
IA013 Auditing Investment Banks
IA015 Auditing Market Risk
IA016 Auditing Mergers, Acquisitions and Due Diligence
IA017 Auditing Operational Risk
IA020 Auditing the Implementation of Credit Risk Systems
IA021 Auditing the IT Department
IA033 Risk Based Internal Audit for Insurers
IA040 Auditing the ORSA and CORSA for Insurers
IA006 Auditing Governance, Risk and Compliance
IA026 Compliance Auditing
IA016 Auditing Mergers, Acquisitions and Due Diligence
OAP380 NEW Auditing Asset Management
OAP385 NEW Bank Internal Audit School
CFSA 001 NEW IIA Certified Financial Services Auditor (CFSA)
IA094 NEW Auditing Strategic Risk Management in Banks
IA093 NEW Auditing Information Security Risk in Banks & Financial Institutions
IA018 NEW Innovative & Practical Approaches to Auditing Bank Lending & Credit Management
IA019 NEW The ICAAP – Practice, Understanding & Audit
IA097 NEW Writing Better Bank Audit Reports – Practise Workshop
IA092 NEW Auditing Operational Resilience in Banking
IA096 NEW The Changing Role & Implementation of Innovative Bank Internal Audit
IA086 NEW Approaches to Auditing Liquidity Risk Management & the ILAAP
IA098 NEW The IIA & Revised Three Lines Model
IA084 NEW Advanced Risk-Based Internal Audit for Corporates
IA088 NEW Auditing Compliance and Compliance Risk in Banks
IA089 NEW Auditing Ethics, Culture, Conduct and Reputational Risk in Banks
IA095 NEW Bank Model Risk – Effective Audit Approaches
IA090 NEW Auditing Fraud Deterrence and Identification in Banks
IA087 NEW Auditing Bank Treasury and the ALCO

Investment Banking
IB019 Investment Banking Products, Services and Operations
CM016 Investment Fund Administration
CM026 CISI Certificate in Investment Management
CM039 Advanced IRB
IB001 Securitisation
IB002 OIS Discounting
IB003 Due Diligence – Risks, Procedures and Solutions
IB004 Introduction to Structured Products
IB005 Investment Banking
IB006 Investment Banking Regulation
IB007 Leveraged Buy-Outs (LBO) Structures and Execution
IB014 Structured Finance
IB015 Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) Level I
IB016 Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) Level II
IB017 Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) Level III
IB018 Bonds (Certified)
CM038 Private Equity
CBF014 Mergers and Acquisitions
IB013 CISI Financial Derivatives Module
IB008 CISI Bond and Fixed Interest Markets
IB009 CISI Commodity Derivatives
IB010 CISI Derivatives (Investment Advice Diploma)
IB011 CISI Exchange Traded Derivatives
CM040 Securities Lending and the Global Master Securities Lending Agreement (2010)
CM041 CISI Global Financial Markets
CM009 Foreign Exchange
CBF028 CISI Corporate Finance Technical Foundations (Certificate)
CBF029 CISI Corporate Finance Techniques & Theory (Diploma)
CBF027 CISI Corporate Finance Strategy & Advice Diploma

Islamic Banking & Financefor Regulators, Banks and Financial Institutions
ISL038 Islamic Corporate Credit Risk & Balance Sheet Analysis
ISL039 Islamic Corporate Governance (Banks & Insurers)
ISL040 Islamic Finance Collections: Practical Solutions (Country Reviews)
ISL041 Islamic Finance Sales Techniques
ISL042 Islamic Insurance/Selected Topics Workshops
ISL043 Islamic Investment Banking (Regulators and Banks)
ISL044 Islamic Project Finance
ISL045 Islamic Risk Management for Banks
ISL046 Islamic Risk Management for Insurers
ISL047 Islamic Stress-Testing and Reverse Stress-Testing for Banks/Insurers
ISL048 Islamic Risk Management for Central Banks
ISL051 Islamic Treasury Management (Regulators & Banks)
ISL052 Pricing Islamic Products (Banks)
ISL053 Risk Management of Islamic Banking and Finance
ISL054 Shari’a Variations & The Impact on International Islamic Finance
ISL055 Supervision of Islamic Insurance
ISL056 Supervision of Islamic Banking
ISL058 Wealth and Asset Management
ISL017 Islamic Stress Testing and Scenario Modelling
ISL018 Liquidity Risk in Islamic Finance
ISL020 Micro Finance and Business for Islamic Banks
ISL021 Risk Management of Islamic Banking & Finance
ISL022 Treasury Management for Islamic Banks
ISL023 Islamic Bond Issuance
ISL024 Islamic Capital Markets & Commodities
ISL025 AAOIFI Certified Shari’a Adviser and Auditor (CSAA)
ISL026 AAOIFI and IFRS Standards /Selected Topics Workshops
ISL027 AAOIFI Standards / Selected Topics Workshops
ISL028 Advanced Credit Risk for Islamic Banks
ISL029 Auditing Islamic Finance (for Regulators, Banks and Insurers)
ISL030 Financial Crime Deterrence for Islamic Banking and Finance
ISL031 Guidelines for Corporates Doing Business with Islamic Bankers/Insurers
ISL032 IFSB Standards/Selected Topics Workshops
ISL033 Islamic Asset Backed Lending (Corporates)
ISL034 Islamic Audit and Accounting (AAOIFI)
ISL035 Islamic Banking and Finance for the Board and Non-Executive Directors
ISL036 Islamic Consumer Finance
ISL001 AAOIFI Certified Islamic Professional Accountants (CIPA)
ISL003 Advanced Islamic Banking & Finance (Products)
ISL004 Auditing Islamic Banking and Finance
ISL005 Client Relationship Management in Islamic Finance
ISL006 Credit Risk in Islamic Finance
ISL007 Introduction to Islamic Banking & Finance
ISL008 Islamic Corporate Banking
ISL009 Islamic Credit Loan Restructuring
ISL010 CISI Islamic Finance Qualification
ISL011 Islamic Financial Services Board (IFSB)
ISL012 CII Islamic Insurance (Takaful) Certificate
ISL013 Islamic International Trade Finance
ISL014 Islamic Private Banking, Wealth and Portfolio Management
ISL015 Islamic Retail Banking
ISL016 Corporate Governance in Islamic Banking
ISL002 AAOIFI Principles – Accounting and Auditing Organisation for Islamic Financial Institutions

Operations and Back Office
OP004 Business Process Improvement
OP007 Fundamental Banking Operations Concepts
OP010 CISI Global Operations Management
OP011 IT for Operations
OP012 Outsourcing in Operations
OP015 Introduction to Banking and Finance for Operations
OP016 Operations Management
OP017 Cybersecurity for Financial Institutions: Operations & IT Risk
CM036 ISDA® Documentation for Operations Staff
OP002 Back Office Management
OP009 Fundamentals of Corporate Actions
OP013 Risks and Controls in Securities Operations
OP014 Securities Lending and Borrowing
OP001 Advanced Corporate Actions
OP005 Collateral Management
OP006 Failed Trades Management
OP008 Fundamental Securities Operations Concepts
SDIT011 CISI IT for Investment Operations
OP003 CISI Advanced Global Securities Operations
CM022 Securities Trade Life Cycle
CM048 Global Securities Operations (certified)
AM020 CISI Asset Servicing
AM022 CISI Collective Investment Scheme Administration
AC008 CISI Administration of Settlement and Investments

Personal Development & Soft Skillsfor Banks & Financial Institutions
PDS012 Compliance Professional Skills
PDS013 Consulting Skills
PDS014 Creating an Ethical Culture
PDS015 Developing and Applying Codes of Conduct
PDS016 Developing and Delivering Vision and Mission
PDS017 Developing and Motivating Staff
PDS018 Effective Communication
PDS019 Effective Use of Disciplinary Procedures
PDS020 Giving Difficult Messages
PDS021 Knowledge Management in Practice
PDS022 Handling Information
PDS023 Making Effective Presentations
PDS024 Making Prudential Judgements
PDS025 Preparing for and Running Meetings
PDS026 Training and Coaching Skills
PDS027 Report Writing
PDS028 Understanding Relationship Management
PDS029 Understanding Roles, Responsibilities and Accountabilities
PDS030 Practical Decision Making
PDS001 Assertiveness
PDS002 Client Care
PDS003 Coaching
PDS004 Complaint Handling
PDS005 Delegation
PDS006 Getting Results from Your Team
PDS007 Nature of Management
PDS008 Presentation Skills
PDS009 Time Management
PDS010 Train the Trainer
PDS011 Applying Performance Appraisal Systems
RM034N NEW The Mathematics of Banking & Finance: Upskilling Workshop

Retail & Commercial Bankingfor Regulators and Banks
BNK047 Financial Analysis and Non-Financial Evaluation
BNK048 Asset Finance
BNK049 Structured Trade Finance
BNK051 Elements of Banking
BNK053 Understanding Trade Finance Solutions
BNK054 CISI Private Client Investment Advice and Management – Level 6
BNK055 Retail Banking Workshop
BNK056 Managing Retail Banking
BNK057 Relationship Management Workshop
BNK058 Managing International Operations
BNK059 Cybersecurity for Financial Institutions: Retail Banking Risk
BNK060 Embedding Bank-wide Sales & Sales Culture
BNK064 IFRS Certificate (ICAEW) / Understanding IFRS & It’s Impact Certified Learning
BNK065 Branch Banking Sales, Operations and Controls
BNK066 Trade Finance for Banks
BNK025 Lending and Credit Appraisal Skills Workshop
BNK026 Managing Business Units and Delegation Techniques
BNK027 Managing Client Relationship Teams
BNK028 Managing Private Banking Clients
BNK029 Analysis of Company Strategy & Leadership Capability
BNK031 Money Transmission and Payment Services: Risks and Controls
BNK033 Operational Procedures and Guidelines
BNK034 Operations for Retail Banking
BNK035 Syndicated Loans
BNK036 Problem Loans: From Assessment to Recovery
BNK037 Distressed Loans
BNK039 Public Finance and Infrastructure for Banks and Funds
BNK040 Real Estate Finance
BNK041 Remote Banking
BNK042 Retail Banking for Professionals
BNK043 Retail Portfolio Analysis
BNK044 Retail Sales and Service Skills and Techniques
BNK045 Evaluation of Business Plan and Projects
BNK046 Structured Finance
BNK002 Bank Management of Controls, Processes and Risks
BNK004 Branch Security and Integrity
BNK005 Business Turnaround and Collection Techniques
BNK007 Client Relationship Management: Retail Banking
BNK008 Client Segmentation
BNK010 Corporate Credit Analysis
BNK011 Corporate Governance for Retail Banks
BNK013 Credit and Loan Structuring
BNK014 Credit Cards: Risk and Controls
BNK015 Credit Risk for Small Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs)
BNK016 Credit Scoring and Quantitative Lending Techniques
BNK017 Cross-border Finance
BNK020 International Trade and Trade Finance
BNK021 Internet Banking
BNK022 Company Valuation
BNK023 Introduction to Retail Banking
BNK024 Key Account Management
BNK001 Bad Debt Protection
CBF021 Bank Analysis & Valuation
BNK038 Project Management for Banking and Financial Institutions
BNK006 Understanding Bank Lending Processes and Decisions
BNK012 Corporate Portfolio Analysis
BNK032 Client Relationship Management: Corporate Banking
CM023 Structured Finance, Risk Management and Credit Analysis
AM011 Private Banking, Wealth and Portfolio Management
BNK030N Money Laundering, Sanctions & Financial Crime (Compliance)

Risk Managementfor Regulators, Banks, and Financial Institutions
CS1201 NEW Cybersecurity Governance, Risk & Compliance
RM084 ILAA Workshop
RM087 Economic Risk and Regulation
RM088 Political Risk Management
RM013 Market Turbulence and Model Risk
RM014 Modern Risk and Capital Management
RM015 CISI Global Financial Compliance
RM017 Risk and Capital Management (ICAAP) for Bankers
RM019 Risk Assessment Reviews: How to Design, Plan and Implement
RM021 CISI Global Operations Management
RM022 Risk Management for Non-Executive Directors
RM023 Risk Management for Professionals
RM024 Conduct Risk
RM024N Implementing and Managing Ethics and Culture Risk
RM028 Scenario Modelling and Stress Testing
RM029 School of Risk Management
RM030 Stress Testing, Reverse Stress Testing
RM031 Board, Corporate Governance and Risk Management for Banks and Financial Institutions
RM034 Mathematics in Banking and Finance
RM037 Understanding Bank Lending Processes and Decisions
RM044 Financial Analysis and Non-Financial Evaluation
RM047 Asset Finance, Invoice Discounting & the Pre Finance Audit
RM082 Management Information and Risk Reporting
RM083 Risk Reporting [New Basel Rules]
RM094 Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book
BSL006 Basel II/III Workshop
CM037 ISDA® Master Agreement and Credit Support Documentation
ISL037 Islamic Stress Testing and Reverse Stress Testing
RM001 Systemic Risk
RM002 Governance, Risk and Compliance
RM003 Managing Reputational Risk
RM004 Sovereign and Country Risk
RM005 Corporate Governance for Banks and FIs
RM006 Embedding Risk Management into Your Organisation
RM009 Financial Institution Risk
RM010 Frontiers of Risk Management
RM012 Managing Risk in Financial Markets
RM089 Mastering Operational Risk
RM090 Understanding Cyber Exposure
RM092 The Fundamentals of Credit Analytics
RM093 Increase Your Impact, Influence and Income
BNK003 Branch Operational Risk Management
RM068 CISI Advanced Operational Risk
RM007 Embedding Risk Management into Corporate Culture
RM011 Risk Management for Insurers
SLV18 Solvency II, Capital Management and the ICAAP for Insurers
FM008 Model Risk
FM011 Modelling Market Risk
FC020 Risk Management of Financial Crime
FC021 Risk Management of International Sanctions Breaches
FC024 Fraud Risk Management
SDIT013 Business Continuity Planning
CBF010 Corporate Ratings
CBF012 Managing Bank Risk
RM016 Reverse Stress Testing and Living Wills
RM018 Risk and Compliance Awareness
SDIT018 Solvency II – Process Risk Management & Financial Governance for successful Project Management Implementation
CPR027 CISI Corporate Finance Regulation (Certificate)
RM026 CISI Operational Risk
CM050 CISI OTC Derivatives
CM030 Risk Management of Capital Markets
CM014 Managing Inflation Risk
AM009 Operational Risk Management for Asset Managers
AM013 Risk Management of Asset Management
AC014 ICAAP Preparation and Review
RTA20211 NEW Operational Risk for Buy Side
RM103 NEW Managing IFRS9 Model Risk Under Crisis
RM020 NEW Risk in Financial Services for Banking, Finance & Asset Management
RM096 NEW Third- Party Risk Management in Banking
RM110 NEW Operational Risk & the Revised Standardised Approach
RM032 NEW Innovative Enterprise Risk Management in Banking
RM098 NEW ESG and Risk Management for Banks
RM101 NEW Managing Bank Credit Risk under Covid 19
SDIT009 NEW Trends in IT Risk and Controls in Banking
CORP022 NEW ESG and Risk Management For Corporates
RM102 NEW The Parameters of Credit Risk Measurement and Management
RM099 NEW 2021 Implementing Effective Operational Resilience in Banking
TR039 NEW Replacing LIBOR with Alternative Interest Rates – Understanding the Changing Market Based Interest Rates
AC038 NEW IFRS9 & Credit Impairment post- Covid 19
CORP020 NEW Credit Risk in Trade Finance & Cross-Border Finance in Banking
RM100 NEW The Risks of Regulation and Compliance
RM076 NEW Measuring & Managing Operational Risk for Corporates
CORP023 NEW ICT Risk for Corporations
CORP021 NEW Ethics and Culture Risk – Implementation and Management for Corporations
RM032N NEW Enterprise Risk Management for Corporates
CORP020 NEW Credit Risk, Trade Finance & Cross-Border Finance for Corporations
SDIT024 NEW Risk in Payment Systems – the Impact of New Technologies
RM075 Introduction to Operational Risk
RM078 Risk Self-Assessment Workshops – Effective Skills for Facilitation
RM079 Key Risk Indicators (KRI’s)
RM081 Stress Testing for Operations
RM095 Scenario Modelling
SDIT012 Managing Database Risk
RM069 Basel II/III and Operation Risk
RM073 Implementing Operational Risk
RM059 Introduction to Market Risk
RM060 Market Risk Measurement and Management
BLS017 Basel 2.5 and Market Risk
ISL019 Market Risk in Islamic Finance
RM080 Strategic Risk Management for Corporate Governance
RM035 Corporate Credit Analysis
RM036 Corporate Credit Scoring
RM038 Credit and Loans Restructuring
RM039 Credit Equivalence Rules and Derivatives Instruments
RM040 Credit Mitigation Techniques
RM041 Credit Portfolio Management
RM042 SME Lending and Business Development
RM043 Credit Risk Analysis
RM045 Credit Risk of Asset-Backed Securities
RM046 Credit Risk of Bond Defaults
RM048 Introduction to Credit Risk
RM049 Leveraged Debt Finance for Auditors
RM050 Measuring and Managing Credit Risk
RM051 Foundation IRB
RM052 Mortgage Credit Risk
RM053 Retail Credit Analysis and Scoring
RM055 Sovereign Credit Risk
RM056 Stress Testing of Credit Risk
RM057 Board and Credit Risk Analysis for Non-Executive Directors
RM058 Using Credit Ratings in Credit Risk Market Risk
BNK019 Counterparty Credit Risk
RM008 Commodity Risk (oil, gold etc)
RM033 Advanced Credit Risk Management
BNK009 Consumer/Personal Loan Recovery
BNK018 Debt Recovery and Collection Techniques
FM010 Modelling Credit Risk
SDIT006 Risk Management Software Systems: Selection and Implementation
CBF020 Company and Asset Valuations
CM023 Structured Finance, Risk Management and Credit Analysis
RM062 Cash Management Skills for Liquidity Management
RM063 Introduction to Liquidity Risk
RM064 Liquidity and Treasury Risk Management
RM065 Liquidity Risk Management
RM066 Measuring and Managing Liquidity Risk
RM067 BIS and Liquidity Risk
RM086 Advanced Liquidity Risk Management
TR003 Asset and Liability Management
CM049 CISI Introduction to Securities & Investment International

Treasury Managementfor Regulators, Banks and Financial Institutions
TR036 Treasury Reporting
TR037 Currency Derivatives
TR038 Options Pricing
TR013 Derivatives Risk Management
TR014 Financial Risk Management
TR015 Futures & Options
TR016 Interest Rate Derivatives
TR017 Interest Rate Models
TR018 Credit Derivatives
TR019 Foreign Exchange
TR020 CCPS and their Impact on Treasury
TR021 Repo Documentation
TR022 ISDA Documentation
TR024 ISDA for Operations Professionals
TR025 ISDA for Treasury Staff
TR026 OTC Derivative Product Training
TR027 Rogue and Ineffective Traders
TR028 Treasury and Market Risk Management
TR030 Derivatives and Central Counterparty
TR031 Treasury Simulation
TR032 ALM and the role of ALCO
TR034 Counterparty Credit Risk
TR035 Treasury Risk and Controls
TR001 Advanced Foreign Exchange
TR002 Treasury Risk Management
TR004 Collateralised Derivatives
TR005 Collateral and the ISDA Credit Support Annexes
TR006 Collateralised Derivatives and Repos
TR008 Commodity Derivatives
TR009 Competitive Strategies for Treasury Sales
TR011 Derivatives and Structured Products
TR007 Commodities
CPR028 Fundamentals of Financial Services
TR010 Credit Derivatives Documentation in Practice
TR029 Using Derivatives
CM021 Credit Default Swaps – Post Trade Processing
AM023 CISI Fund Management
CM020 CISI Securities
CM052 CISI Securities (Investment Advice Diploma)
RTA20212 NEW Derivatives Risk Management under COVID 19
CM043 NEW Financial Derivatives
TR033 NEW CISI Certified – Understanding Derivatives

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