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Global Markets and Time Zones
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Instructor: Dennis Cox
Level: C-Suite
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NEW Certified Chief Risk Officer (Banking and Finance) CSI005

Location: Global Markets and Time Zones

First Date: June 05 - 07 2024

Duration: 3 days

Programme Director: Dennis Cox BSc FISRM FCA FCSI AIIA BFP

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Experience the world class highly interactive expert-led 1:1 or team learning through Virtual C-Suite Seminar via Cisco WebEx from Risk Reward.

Each Virtual C-Suite event features individual or shared (or discrete) live chat between executive and the expert, participate in group discussion and case studies for a tried -and- true engaging and gratifying career enhancing experience.

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"Cybersecurity risk, group discussion for brainstorming, timely, shared many useful websites. Great and useful."
Risk Director, HSBC, Taiwan
Agenda Highlights

Session 1:  What makes a CRO Great?

Session 2:  Risk Management is Changing – Being Innovative

 Session 3:  Changing World of Enterprise Risk Management

Session 4:  Model Risk Management and Risk Management

Session 5:  Integrating Risk Management

Session 6: Operational Resilience within Enterprise Risk Management

Session 7:  ICT and Risk Management

Session 8:  ESG and Risk Management

Session 9:  Credit, Market and Liquidity Risk Management – Innovation and Challenges

Session 10:  Other Key Elements of Risk Management

Session 11:  Bringing it all Together

Session 12:  Open Discussion, Q&A

"Most valuable topic? Transformation and digitalisation risk management in corporate banking. "
Risk Director, Commercial Bank, Saudi Arabia

Enterprise risk management is evolving as silos are removed and banks recognise the importance of integrating solutions effectively.  Innovative CROs are challenged to understand and apply new approaches to managing risk within the three lines model and also how this can be integrated into effective reporting and management structures.

The change in the balance of the CRO’s role will be a focal point of discussion enabling senior risk experts to add greater value to their organisations.

Focusing on changes, practical challenges and solutions, this broad and intensive course takes CROs through all key elements of change within banking risk management considering both the regulatory and business drivers.

Led by a former Tier 1 Global Bank Director of Risk Management this highly-interactive broad and intensive seminar focuses on challenges, issues and discussion through all key elements of change within banking and risk management considering both the regulatory and business drivers within the context of changing international best practise.

""There was continuous discussion in a friendly atmosphere which made it possible to exchange thoughts with all the participants and we were in full review of risk and its advantages and challenges it faces. ""
Risk Director, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
Who Should Attend

Designed primarily to address the needs of Chief Risk Officers –  and those aspirational to the role –  within financial regulators, banks and financial institutions

  • Heads of Risk Management
  • Risk Managers
  • Risk Champions
  • Internal Auditors
  • Executive and non-executive management

Former participants also included Senior Heads of HR, Heads of Compliance and Legal.

Additional Course Information

What Does It Cover?

What makes a CRO Great? 

  • The attributes of great CROs
  • What is your role?
  • What do your colleagues expect from you?
  • Being part of the winning culture
  • Moving from gatekeeper to valued added risk management

Risk Management is Changing – Being Innovative 

  • What is innovation?
  • The 3 lines model
  • Risk management post COVID 19
  • What really matters?
  • Aligning risk management to the Board
  • Using AI techniques
  • Techniques to embed risk management within the business
  • Culture and risk management
  • Compliance and conduct risk and risk management
  • Bringing ESG into risk management
  • Dealing with remote working practices

Changing World of Enterprise Risk Management 

  • The challenge of ERM
  • Risk governance and the key obligations
  • Risk capacity, appetite and tolerance
  • Driving inherent risk management
  • Stress testing and scenario modelling
  • Making risk management forward looking
  • Dealing with operational resilience
  • Identifying critical operations and services
  • Understanding third party risk management
  • Key elements of risk management
  • Identifiers and warning signs
  • Modelling reputational risk

Case Study:  Identifying and dealing with criticality

Model Risk Management and Risk Management

  • Definition of a model
  • The models inventory and risk assessment
  • Risk management of model building and development
  • Initial model validation – the role of risk management
  • Governance, documentation and model approval
  • Model risk assessment techniques
  • Model validation and risk management
  • Monitoring model stability
  • Human intervention and model concerns

Case Study:  Model risk assessment and validation

Integrating Risk Management

  •  The challenges set by bank capital management
  • Management and committee understanding
  • Dealing with inconsistent measures
  • Integrating risk reporting
  • Integrating stress testing and scenario modelling
  • Reporting uncertainties
  • Reporting to future
  • Pull and push
  • Exception based escalation
  • Reliance on systems and structures
  • Using AI to support decision making
  • Who needs what and why?

Case Study:  Consider approaches to innovative risk reporting?  Who needs what data?

Operational Resilience within Enterprise Risk Management 

  • What is operational resilience?
  • Integrating operational resilience into enterprise risk management
  • Operational resilience requirements
  • The changing capital rules and what this means for operational risk resilience
  • Developing and using an operational loss database
  • Developing forward looking indicators
  • Using external loss data
  • Control and risk self-assessment – could it ever work?
  • Scenario modelling approaches
  • Business continuity planning and operational resilience
  • ICT and risk management

Case Study: Developing and using scenarios within operational resilience 

ICT and Risk Management 

  • The role of risk management and IT
  • Regtech and its impacts
  • The power of AI and roboadvice
  • Changing payment patterns
  • Infosec and risk management
  • Cybersecurity and risk management
  • Embedding fraud deterrence processes

 Case Study:  The key elements of ICT risk management

:  ESG and Risk Management 

  • Changing the balance of risk management
  • Building culture into the organisation through risk management
  • Defining and implementing ethical behaviours
  • The importance of external measurements and risk management
  • How does this change risk appetite?
  • Measuring your impacts
  • Building public statements into risk management

Credit, Market and Liquidity Risk Management – Innovation and Challenges 

  • Building econometric risk management into enterprise risk management
  • New challenges in credit risk
  • Changing role of credit models
  • Increasing model validation and questioning
  • New challenges in liquidity risk and treasury risk
  • The challenge of market risk modelling

Case Study:  the key challenges within credit risk due to COVID

Other Key Elements of Risk Management

  • Using AI techniques
  • Applying data mining
  • Compliance risk management
  • Insurance and risk management
  • Risk policies and procedures
  • Third party risk management
  • Critical services and products
  • Measuring and managing reputational risk
  • Strategic and tactical risk management

Case Study:  How will third party risk management be managed in practice?

Bringing it all Together

  • What really matters to your Board?
  • Developing appropriate reporting structures
  • Where are new systems and ways of working most useful?
  • Developing integrated warning signs and effective reporting
  • Final lessons
  • The Future



Learning Objectives

Participants will explore and consider in depth the key issues, challenges and practical solutions within risk management, across all major risk issues including

  • What makes a CRO great?
  • What is innovation and how to embed in the senior risk leadership role
  • Where is ERM changing and what are the opportunities?
  • The key drivers and approaches within enterprise risk management including risk appetite and stress testing
  • Building ESG into enterprise risk management
  • The role of operational resilience and ICT within ERM
  • How to measure and manage third-party risk and reputational risk

All delegates who complete the course will receive a Certificate in The Innovative Chief Risk Officer, and for those who require a demonstration of training to this competency a 20-question/multiple-choice answer, remotely invigilated, with results report and a resit is available at no additional cost when request at time of booking.

Social Learning & Methods

Led by a former Tier 1 Global Bank Director of Risk this highly-interactive seminar focuses on challenges, issues and discussion supported by a key concepts presentation, engaging real-time in-depth case studies, regulation and  international best practise.

The virtual learning platform uses confidential, safe, industry preferred encrypted Cisco WebEx to optimize live face-to-face visual interaction, and private, discrete chat for questions and clarifications.

(An invitation via email with access link is included for all participants.)


NEW Certified Chief Risk Officer (Banking and Finance)

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