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NEW Implementing Effective Operational Resilience in Banking RM099

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"Great course. The instructor did a great job of keeping the class engaged and topics interesting. I look forward to learning more about operational risk issues in the future."
Senior Internal Auditor, Commercial Bank, New York
Agenda Highlights

Session 1: Introduction to the Operational Resilience paper and the background to its creation

Session 2: The evolving operational risk landscape and the essential elements of Operational Resilience

Session 3: Definition of Operational Resilience and Introduction to the Principles

Session 4: The governance of operational resilience and its relationship to operational risk management

Session 5: Business continuity planning and testing

Session 6: Mapping interconnections and interdependencies

Session 7: Incident management

Session 8: Information Security and ICT including Cybersecurity

Session 9: Measuring Operational Resilience

Session 10: The Operational resilience plan and key actions


"I was delighted with the training received. My needs in this area were well met and my host and the firm’s learning facilities were top class. I am very satisfied with the final outcome."
Operational Risk Officer, African Bank, UK

In March 2021, the Bank for International Settlements BCBS committee finalised their paper entitled Operational Resilience.  This was a response to the crisis of 2020 and the impact that this had on so many banks.

Operational resilience seeks to ensure that banks will be able to provide critical services and functions during crisis.  Whilst the pandemic of 2020-21 was one crisis, the next one could be completely different.

Banks need to implement systems and structures to enable them to understand the likely impact of an event on their ability to deliver critical services when an event occurs including fully appreciating the dependencies and interconnections which inhibit their implementation.

During this course delegates will systematically explore each of the requirements to enable them to consider the actions that they would need to take in practice in their own organisations.


"It is a very good course in terms of risk/control framework and with useful information sharing. Very organized and comprehensive."
Risk Manager, National Bank of Greece, Cyprus
Who Should Attend

While this course is designed primarily for bank operational resilience staff and management, risk champions and executive management recent course delegates include those from operational risk management, internal audit, bank branch management, State bank risk analysts, and private capital advisors.

Delegates who complete the course will receive a Certificate in Implementing Effective Operational Resilience in Banking; for those requiring a demonstration of competency via an exam, a 20-questions and multiple-choice answer, fully invigilated/proctored via email, with a resit option, and results report is available at no additional charge.


Additional Course Information

What Does It Cover?

Goals and intentions, Key elements, Governance and actions, Key changes to risk management during 2020, Understanding the operational risk landscape, How has it changed as a consequence of the Crisis of 2020, Essential elements of operational resilience, CSFI Report on risk 2021, Definitions within operational resilience, Range of threats to consider, Relationship to other guidance, Critical functions and services, Critical third parties, Introduction to the Operational Resilience Principles, Structure and governance, The principle and guidance, Reporting and information, Embedding within the first line of defence, Education, controls and systems, Relationship to operational risk management and insurance risk management, Operational resilience and business continuity planning, BCP and DR, The weaknesses of current plans, The range of issues to consider, Developing appropriate exercises, Showing matters graphically, External dependencies – what matters? Internal dependencies – what matters? Actions to be taken, Understanding incident management, Identifying incidents, Identifying critical information assets, Information security, ICT – key components, Issues that occur in practice, Assessing ICT elements, Cybersecurity principles, Aligning cybersecurity to critical services and functions and much more.



Learning Objectives

Delegates will gain a thorough understanding of the specialist technical regulatory expectations regarding Operational Resilience as well as the impact that this will have on operational risk management including

  • The changes to operational risk in 2020
  • How the environment has changed and its impact
  • Critical services and functions
  • The impact on business Continuity Planning
  • Critical suppliers and third parties
  • Interconnections and interdependencies
  • Reporting and measurement of operational resilience

Expert-led, group discussions and practical Case Studies will include

Case Study:  What were the consequences of the crisis of 2021 on risk management?  What are the key issues that arose in practice?

Case Study:  Was operational risk management prepared for the crisis of 2020?  How has it had to respond?

Case Study:  Consider a range of threats and their impact on the ability of the firm to provide services

Case Study:  Consider what would be critical services for a bank under the new definition

Case Study:  Consider what would be appropriate reporting on operational resilience.  What would be the source of information?

Case Study:  Consider the impact of operational resilience on BCP and DR and the testing or modelling that would be appropriate.

Case Study:  Consider the interconnections and interdependencies for specific parts of a bank

Case Study:  Incident management in action – a practical case

Case Study:  Assessing Information security and ICT in practice.  What goes wrong?

Case Study:  What are the key elements of a cybersecurity management programme?

Case Study:  Measuring operational resilience – practical examples

Social Learning & Methods

Highly interactive expert-led intensive presentation, Q&A, group real-time in-depth case studies, regulation and discussion supported by key principles and theory. The virtual learning platform uses safe, industry preferred encrypted Cisco WebEx to optimize live face-to-face visual interaction, discrete chat, for polling and quizzes.

(An invitation via email with access link is included for all participants.)


NEW Implementing Effective Operational Resilience in Banking

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