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NEW Certified Chief Financial Officer CSI002

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Duration: 3 days

Programme Director: Malcolm Bacchus FCA MA (Oxon)

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Experience the world class highly interactive expert-led 1:1  or team learning through Virtual C-Suite Seminar via Cisco WebEx from Risk Reward with IBEF Events.

Each Virtual C-Suite event features shared (or discrete) live chat between executive and the expert, and/or participate in group discussion and case studies for a tried -and- true engaging and gratifying value-added experience.

The C-Suite Innovation Series* is designed to optimise delegate-expert interaction and discussion.

*The Innovative CEO | The Innovative CFO | The Innovative CRO | The Innovative COO | The Innovative Head of Treasury | The Innovative MLRO | Inclusive Leadership/Certified Chief Operationg Officer/Certified Compliance Professional

""Good overall look at latest trends in finance and related risk. The instructor made us truly think in innovative ways.'"
Finance Director, Caribbean Bank
Agenda Highlights

Session 1:  What makes a CFO Great?

Session 2:  Financial Management is Changing – Being Innovative

Session 3:  The Changing World of Finance

Session 4:  Time Management and the CFO

Session 5:  Innovation, Leadership and the CFO

Session 6:  Finance to Future

Session 7:  Financial Model Risk Management

Session 8:  Integrating Financial Reporting

Session 9:  The CFO and ESG

Session 10:  Other Key Elements of Financial Management



""Great course. The instructor did a great job of keeping the group engaged and topics interesting. I look forward to learning more about expected changes in IFRS in the future.""
Financial Manager, Lease Operators Ltd

The role of the CFO and the finance function is changing as robotic process automation increasingly impacts this area.

The Innovative CFO is challenged to identify and apply new approaches to managing the financial risks within the business and to effectively integrate this into effective reporting and management structures.   The change in the balance of the role will be explored in depth enabling innovative CFOs to effectively influence and add greater value to their organisations.

This practical virtual seminar considers the major challenges faced by a CFO today and addresses the impact of change, considering both the regulatory and business drivers.


"Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this course. It was well designed and tailored to my needs as the new CFO of our group of companies...which will help me to be a valued strategic member of the leadership team.""
Chief Financial Officer, Industrial Group, Panama
Who Should Attend

Designed primarily for current or aspiring CFOs although former delegates includes Chairpersons, Chief Executives, Senior managers within finance, regulators, executive and non-executive management, risk management team members, internal auditors and senior HR directors.

For those in banking and finance please contact our Client Services Team for the version of this course appropriate to the financial services sector, facilitated by Dennis Cox FCA FCSI AIIA FISRM BFP (ICAEW).

Additional Course Information

What Does It Cover?

What makes a CFO Great? 

  • The attributes of great CFOs
  • What is your role?
  • What do your colleagues expect from you?
  • Being part of the winning culture
  • Moving from accounting to valued added financial management 

Financial Management is Changing – Being Innovative 

  • What is innovation?
  • The 3 lines model – where does finance sit?
  • Financial management post COVID 19
  • What really matters?
  • Aligning financial management and reporting structures to the needs of the Board
  • Using data mining techniques within finance
  • The role of the CFO in ESG and operational resilience
  • Dealing with remote working practices

The Changing World of Finance 

  • The current challenges of Financial Management
  • Risk capacity, risk appetite, risk tolerance and the CFO
  • Stress testing, scenario modelling and the CFO
  • Making financial reporting forward looking
  • The CFO and operational resilience
  • Key elements of financial risk management
  • Big data and data mining
  • Identifiers and warning signs

Case Study:  What work conducted by the CFO is critical? 

Time Management and the CFO 

  • How do you spend your time – does that make sense?
  • Which committees really need you?
  • How much time do you spend on building your team?
  • What should you seek to avoid?
  • Projects and meetings
  • Lessons and examples

Innovation, Leadership and the CFO 

  • Leading your team
  • Mastering transformation
  • Building collaborative structures
  • Empathy with your team
  • Leading change
  • Identifying barriers
  • Using technology as a driver
  • Increasing efficiency
  • What to do and what to stop

Finance to Future 

  • Innovation in financial planning
  • Dealing with uncertainties
  • Using graphical techniques
  • Stories v numbers
  • Using economic data
  • Aligning reporting to strategic goals
  • Understanding and integration indicators into reporting
  • Designing finance warning signs
  • Balancing opportunity and risk
  • Understanding conflicting obligations 

Financial Model Risk Management

  • Definition of a model
  • The finance models inventory and risk assessment
  • Governance, documentation and model approval
  • Finance model risk assessment techniques
  • Finance model validation and risk management
  • Monitoring model stability
  • Human intervention and model concerns

Case Study:  Finance model risk assessment and validation

Integrating Financial Reporting

  • The challenges set by bank capital management
  • How this is changing
  • What this means for finance
  • Systems and control issues
  • Impacts on transfer pricing
  • Management and committee understanding
  • Integrating financial reporting to future
  • Pull and push
  • Exception based escalation
  • Reliance on systems and structures
  • Using AI to support decision making
  • Who needs what and why?

Case Study:  Consider approaches to innovative financial reporting?  Who needs what data? 

The CFO and ESG 

  • Changing the balance of financial management and reporting
  • The role of the CFO in implementing culture and ethical behaviours
  • The importance of external measurement
  • How does this change risk appetite?
  • Measuring your impacts
  • Developing and approving public statements 

Other Key Elements of Financial Management

  • Using AI techniques
  • Applying data mining
  • Insurance and the CFO
  • Strategic planning and the CFO

Bringing it all Together

  • What really matters to your Board?
  • Developing appropriate reporting structures
  • Where are new systems and ways of working most useful?
  • Developing integrated warning signs and effective reporting
  • Final lessons
  • The Future


Learning Objectives

Delegates will gain specialist technical and behavioural knowledge, and be enabled to understand and analyse the key issues and practical solutions which are likely to be faced by a CFO.

Addressing all major risk issues, participants will explore the key finance and capital topics and solutions including

  • CFO success matrices
  • How to be innovative as a CFO?
  • Reporting to future
  • Dealing with uncertainty
  • Where is bank capital management changing and what are the opportunities?
  • The key drivers and approaches within enterprise risk management including risk appetite and stress testing
  • The CFOs role in ESG
  • Data mining, modelling and the CFO

Led by a senior British Fellow Chartered Accountant and multi-sectoral Financial Expert, delegates will bring their own sector and career experiences to share enhancing the group learning experience.

For those who require a certification by assessment kindly advise at time of booking.

Social Learning & Methods

Led by senior practitioners in banking and finance,  the highly-interactive seminar focuses on issues and discussion supported by key concepts presentation, real-time in-depth case studies, regulation and international best practices.

The virtual learning platform uses confidential, safe, industry preferred encrypted Cisco WebEx to optimize live face-to-face visual interaction, and private, discrete chat for questions and clarifications.

(An invitation via email with access link is included for all participants.)


NEW Certified Chief Financial Officer

Course Fee

Course Fee (per person):
GBP £3,495.00 (+ UK VAT when applicable)

Number of delegates:

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