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NEW Operational Resilience and the New Papers from the Bank for International Settlements KEY001

Location: UK EU Time Zones

First Date: Jun 7 - 8 2022

Duration: 2 days

Programme Director: Dennis Cox BSc FCA FCSI FISRM BFP AIIA

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Agenda Highlights

Session 1: Operational resilience: overview and regulatory landscape

Session 2: Creating operational resilience frameworks

Session 3: Business continuity management

Session 4: Understanding impact tolerance

Session 5: Effective crisis management

Session 6: Business change management and operational resilience

Session 7: Third-party management

Session 8: Learning from operational disruptions


Since operational resilience is the key current new development within banking it will be important for any firm or
regulator to obtain a good understanding of what these new requirements. They will need to appreciate the work
that needs to be undertaken to achieve these new requirements and how this changes risk management, reporting and governance.

These are important matters to consider. The regulators have stated that firms lack appreciation of operational
resilience issues and concerns resulted in sub-optimal responses to the current crisis, with some of these issues
continuing to impact the organisation.

The next major issue that the banks may need to face could be entirely different to the COVID crisis so solutions
need to be developed that will anticipate and deal with such matters. This course will assist participants understanding of these important issues, how they improve an organization and what the key phases of work to be conducted really are

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for operational resilience staff and management as well as risk champions and executive

Additional Course Information

What Does It Cover?

Introduction to the Operational Resilience Paper and the Background to Its Creation
■ Goals and intentions
■ Key elements
■ Governance and actions
■ Key changes to risk management during 2020/2021

The Evolving Operational Risk Landscape and the Essential Elements of Operational Resilience
■ Understanding the operational risk landscape
■ How has it changed as a consequence of the Crisis of 2020/2021
■ Essential elements of operational resilience

Definition of Operational Resilience and Introduction to the Principles
■ Definitions within operational resilience
■ Range of threats to consider
■ Relationship to other guidance
■ Critical functions and services
■ Critical third parties
■ Introduction to the Operational Resilience Principles

The Governance of Operational Resilience and Its Relationship to Operational Risk Management
■ Structure and governance
■ The principle and guidance
■ Reporting and information
■ Embedding within the first line of defence
■ Relationship to operational risk management and insurance risk management Business Continuity Planning and Testing
■ The principle and guidance
■ Operational resilience and business continuity planning
■ BCP and DR
■ The range of issues to consider
■ Developing appropriate exercises
End of Day 1

Mapping Interconnections and Interdependencies
■ Goals and objectives
■ The principle and guidance
■ The nature of the approach
■ Showing matters graphically
■ External dependencies – What matters?
■ Internal dependencies – What matters?
■ Actions to be taken

Incident Management
■ The principle and guidance
■ Understanding incident management
■ Identifying incidents
■ Actions to be taken

Information Security and ICT Including Cybersecurity
■ The principle and guidance
■ What is most important?
■ Identifying critical information assets
■ Information security
■ ICT – key components
■ Assessing ICT elements
■ Cybersecurity principles
■ Aligning cybersecurity to critical services and functions

Measuring Operational Resilience
■ What is really measurable?
■ Using AI techniques within operational resilience
■ Building this into a reporting structure
■ Dealing with warning signs

The Operational Resilience Plan, Operational Risk and Key Actions
■ Putting this together
■ The revised operational risk sound practices paper
■ The impact of the changing operational risk capital rules
■ Developing a plan

End of Day 2

Learning Objectives

By the conclusion of this event delegates will have gained a thorough understanding of the regulatory expectations
regarding Operational Resilience as well as the impact that this will have on operational risk management.

Specifically the following matters will be addressed:

  • The changes to operational risk in 2021.
  • How the environment has changed and its impact.
  • Critical services and functions.
  • The impact on business Continuity Planning.
  • Critical suppliers and third parties.
  • Interconnections and interdependencies.
  • Reporting and measurement of operational resilience
Social Learning & Methods

Highly interactive expert-led intensive presentation, Q&A, group real-time in-depth case studies, the impact of regulation and discussion supported by key principles and theory.

The virtual learning platform uses safe, industry preferred learning platform to optimize live face-to-face visual interaction, discrete chat, for polling and quizzes.

(An invitation via email with access link is included for all participants.)


NEW Operational Resilience and the New Papers from the Bank for International Settlements

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