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NEW Digital Banking Payments and Financial Crime SDIT020

Location: UK EU MENA WAT GCC Time Zones

First Date: Nov 20 - 22 2023

Duration: 3 days

Programme Director: Dennis Cox FCSI FRISM FCA AIIA BFP

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Agenda Highlights

Session 1:  Digital Banking

Session 2: Information and Systems Security Models

Session 3: Cyber Security Risk Management Policies and Strategies

Session 4: Payment Systems and Risk

Session 5:  Financial Crime in Digital Banking

Session 6:  Financial Crime in Digital Banking



Customers are increasingly using digital channels to obtain their banking products.  This has created challenges for existing firms as well as opportunities for new entrants.  This course considers what is happening in these markets as well as the implications for new and existing market participants.  Focussing on the control and risk environments it also reviews the strategy and goals that will be impacted. 

The course considers the model for digital banking as well as the control environment.  Main regulations are also considered as well as the change that is now impacting strategy and approaches. Bitcoin and other cybercurrencies as well as Blockchain and its role are also addressed.  By the completion of this course attendees will have gained a general introduction to the structure, controls and challenges of operating in this fast-changing sector.

Who Should Attend
  • Internal control and risk management
  • Branch management and executive
  • Internal audit
  • Executive management
  • Planning and strategy

Additional Course Information

What Does It Cover?

 Digital Banking 

  • Mobile banking v digital banking
  • Structure and governance of a digital bank
  • E-Banking Innovation, Trends & Directions
  • The transition to E-Banking
  • Mobile Payments
  • Risk Management in E-Banking
  • Risk management principles for electronic banking
  • Operating Strategies & Management Models
  • ECB Paper – Present and future of money in the digital age (2021)

Information and Systems Security Models

  • Conceptual security models
  • Logical security models
  • Cyber security challenges and solutions
  • Business data model and file security mechanism
  • Database security mechanisms
  • Security rules, practices and procedures
  • Cryptographic mechanisms and their uses
  • Penetration testing

Cyber Security Risk Management Policies and Strategies

  • What is a cyber security risk management strategy?
  • Cyber-resilience:  Range of practice (BCBS d454 2018)
  • The benefits of a cyber security strategy
  • Building an Enterprise Security Architecture (ESA)
  • The approaches for developing an effective strategy
  • The meaning of security policy
  • Cyber security policy
  • Security policy principles

Payment Systems and Risk

  • How payment systems are changing
  • The changing regulatory environment
  • The regulation of payment systems globally
  • Bitcoin, blockchain, Ethereum and other developments
  • SWIFT and new products
  • SWIFT security standards
  • Visa, Mastercard and other existing product providers
  • Impact on security and systems

Financial Crime in Digital Banking

  • Key elements of an AML framework
  • Key roles and responsibilities including the first line
  • The design and implementation of a risk-based approach
  • CDD and EDD and what this will mean in practice?
  • Identification and verification
  • Activity monitoring and periodic reviews
    • FATF on internet based payments (June 2013)
    • BIS Sound management of risks related to money laundering and financing of terrorism (Jan 2014)
  • BIS General guidance to account opening (Feb 2016)
  • Wolfsberg Group SWIFT guidance (2016)
  • The importance of the sanctions regime globally
  • The problems with sanctions compliance

Financial Crime in Digital Banking

  • Detecting and combating money laundering activities
    • Building profiles & “fingerprints”
    • Clustering
    • Link analysis
  • Data mining and fraud detection
    • Text mining
    • Neural data mining
  • Data mining and other types of financial crime
    • Tax evasion
    • Corruption
    • Insider dealing, market abuses
    • Others




Learning Objectives

Delegates will gain specialist technical and behavioural knowledge and its application in the workplace, along with practical techniques to provide an understanding of

  • Digital banking
  • Systems of management and control
  • Risk management
  • Cyber security and penetration testing
  • Cyber and financial crime
  • Cyber currencies and Blockchain
  • Systems and innovation


Social Learning & Methods

Highly interactive expert-led intensive presentation, Q&A, group real-time in-depth case studies, regulation and discussion supported by key principles and theory. The virtual learning platform uses safe, industry preferred encrypted Cisco WebEx to optimize live face-to-face visual interaction, discrete chat, for polling and quizzes.

(An invitation via email with access link is included for all participants.)


NEW Digital Banking Payments and Financial Crime

Course Fee

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Course Fee (per person):
GBP £3,495.00 (+ UK VAT when applicable)

Number of delegates:

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