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Instructor: Dennis Cox
Level: Intermediate
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NEW Compliance, Internal Control and Risk Management for Banks CPR025

Location: Global Markets and Time Zones

First Date: February 12 - 15 2024

Duration: 4 days

Programme Director: Dennis Cox FCSI FRISM FCA AIIA Author, The International Handbook of Money Laundering Deterrence

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Agenda Highlights

Session 1: The Approach to Compliance in Banking

Session 2:  What goes wrong in practice?

Session 3:  Compliance and Governance

Session 4:  Financial Crime Deterrence

Session 5:  Sanctions and Sanctions Risk

Session 6:  Conduct Risk, Bribery and Corruption

Session 7:  Data Regulations

Session 8:  Marketing and Advertising Compliance

Session 9:  Compliance and HR

Session 10:  Reporting, Metrics, Exception-Based Escalation, etc




Compliance is everywhere in banking and fundamental to the way that a bank operates.  Regulations arise from different sources and banks need to take an integrated approach to ensure that all matters are appropriately dealt with.

This course enables delegates to have confidence that they are able to adequately control compliance issues, adding value to their organisation and providing the necessary assurance that management requires.

Topics addressed in detail include the key compliance issues and their control within banking.  It commences with considering compliance and the key areas of risk including the governance aspects.  It then deals with a number of the key elements of compliance including elements of conduct risk, financial crime deterrence and sanctions risk.

Delegates will also explore the data issues and also a range of other significant compliance issues; throughout the course delegates will confront and learn the controls that will be required to support their work in this area.

Who Should Attend

Primarily designed for controls, risk and compliance professionals working within banks and financial institutions however recent delegates include those from internal audit, IT, operations, legal and HR.


Additional Course Information

What Does It Cover?

The Approach to Compliance in Banking

  • The Compliance landscape
  • Key compliance developments
  • What worries your Board?
  • Where does compliance sit in an organisation?
  • What are the key regulations we need to comply with?
  • How would we know?
  • Reliance on legal advisors
  • Approach to the management and control of compliance

Case Study:  How will we assess the importance of different rules and can you use a risk-based approach?

What goes wrong in practice?

  • Recent cases
  • What went wrong?
  • Preventative v detective controls
  • What can we learn?

Case Studies:  Review of recent cases and consideration of additional controls that are required.  What does this tell us about the management approach to be adopted?

Compliance and Governance

  • The role of compliance in a company
  • What they do and what they do not do
  • The role of the Compliance Officer
  • The relationship to the Board
  • The relationship to the legal function
  • Embedding compliance management into an organisation
  • Dealing with change
  • 1st and 2nd line roles
  • Local and global compliance registers
  • Compliance risk matrices
  • Best practice approaches
  • Compliance reviews
  • Compliance monitoring

Case Study:  Consider the key elements of the compliance framework to address the governance of compliance  

Financial Crime Deterrence

  • What is money laundering?
  • 5th and 6th money laundering directives in Europe
  • The role of FATF and developing guidance
  • Predicate offenses
  • What are the risks for a company?
  • Risks and risk mitigation
  • Embedding controls throughout the organisation
  • Politically exposed persons
  • Beneficial ownership
  • How should they be managed?
  • Identifying customers and suppliers
  • Identifying and monitoring staff
  • Dealing with suspicions
  • High risk areas and warning signs
  • Ongoing monitoring and data mining
  • Non face to face customers
  • Cyber risk and money laundering

Case Study: What are the controls necessary to address financial crime deterrence

Sanctions and Sanctions Risk 

  • The nature of the sanctions regime
  • How it is developing and the challenges faced
  • The role of OFAC
  • Sanctions and sectoral sanctions
  • Checking relationships
  • Identifying sanctions risk
  • Sanctions compliance and reporting 

Case Study:  What are the key controls required to address sanctions and sanctions risk 

Conduct Risk, Bribery and Corruption 

  • Customer risk assessment
  • Know your customer
  • Managing conduct risk
  • Suitability
  • Treating customers fairly
  • Avoiding bias
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Knowing your supply chain
  • Sales channels, practices and controls
  • Bribery and corruption
  • Identification of high-risk countries and transactions 

Case Study:  What are the key controls required to address Conduct Risk, Bribery and Corruption 

Data Regulations

  • GDPR and other relevant regulation
  • Identification of key data
  • Data controls
  • Dealing with data disposal
  • Dealing with data requests
  • Keeping information up to date
  • International data requirements
  • Third party issues
  • Cloud and data storage issues
  • Cybersecurity issues

Case Study:  Develop are the key controls to address compliance with data regulations

Marketing and Advertising Compliance

  • Local and international regulation
  • The role of compliance
  • Avoiding bias
  • Dealing with standards
  • The web site
  • Literature approvals 

Case Study:  Develop are the key controls to address compliance with marketing and advertising requirements 

Compliance and HR

  • Compliance and regulation within HR
  • What are your concerns?
  • Dealing with history
  • Investigating staff
  • Whistle blowing requirements
  • Appraisal and dismissal

Case Study:  What are the key controls to  address compliance within HR

Other Issues 

  • Building this together
  • Embedding controls in the organisation
  • Assessing compliance risk
  • Compliance and data mining
  • Reporting and warning signs
  • Exception based escalation
  • Designing suitable metrics

Case Study:  What are the key elements of the framework for integrated reporting and modelling of compliance


Learning Objectives

On completion of this course delegates will have gained specialist technical and behavioural knowledge, approaches and techniques as to application of key principles. They will also gain an appreciation of how to control compliance within a bank and its governance, together with an understanding of the risk implications and how the role of compliance and legal differ, specifically the controls over:

  • Governance
  • Conduct risk
  • Sales techniques and TCF
  • Financial crime deterrence
  • Sanctions risk
  • Data security
  • Marketing and advertising standards

Delegates who complete the course will receive a Certificate in Compliance, Control and Risk; and for those who require a demonstration of competence via an assessment, a fully remotely  invigilated/proctored, 20 multiple choice questions quiz is available at no additional charge.

Social Learning & Methods

Highly interactive expert-led intensive presentation, Q&A, group real-time in-depth case studies, regulation and discussion supported by key principles and theory. The virtual learning platform uses safe, industry preferred encrypted Cisco WebEx to optimize live face-to-face visual interaction, discrete chat, for polling and quizzes.

(An invitation via email with access link is included for all participants.)


NEW Compliance, Internal Control and Risk Management for Banks

Course Fee

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Course Fee (per person):
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