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NEW Approaches to Auditing Liquidity Risk Management & the ILAAP IA086

Location: London, Europe, USA East Coast Time Zones

First Date: Aug 9 - 11 2021

Duration: 3 days/24 hours

Programme Director: Dennis Cox

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Experience the highly-interactive expert-led social learning through Virtual Classroom via Cisco WebEx from Risk Reward.

All our 2021 Virtual Classroom events feature shared (or discrete) live chat between delegates and the expert, participate in topical surveys, polling questions, group exercises and case studies for a tried -and- true engaging and gratifying learning experience.

"Great course. The instructor did a great job of keeping the class engaged and topics interesting. I look forward to learning more about this topic in the future."
Internal Auditor, USA Bank
Agenda Highlights

Session 1:  Liquidity Risk typologies

Session 2:  Auditing Liquidity Management and Governance

Session 3:  The Regulation of Liquidity Risk in Banking

Session 4:  Auditing the ILAAP

Session 5:  Auditing the Measurement of Liquidity Risk

Session 6:  Auditing Liquidity Management and Cash Management

Session 7:  Auditing Behavioural Data

Session 8:  Auditing Balance Sheet Management

Session 9:  Auditing Approaches to Managing and Mitigating Liquidity Risks

Session 10:  Auditing Controls over Liquidity Risks

Session 11:  Auditing Liquidity Stress Tests

Session 12:  Auditing the Reporting of Liquidity Risk

Session 13:  Building it Together





"I really enjoyed the course. It was interactive, and the instructor was very helpful. "
Internal Auditor, USA Bank

Recent economic and societal crises have shown the importance of the management of liquidity which has led regulators to produce detailed regulations and requirements.  All banks need to manage their liquidity effectively and efficiently, together with developing plans to address periods of concern.

For bank internal auditors the challenge is to understand the key techniques that are used to manage liquidity risk and the approaches that can be used.

During this course delegates will be taken through the key requirements that exist for liquidity risk management and the approaches that are adopted in practice. This unique program features practical audit approaches and audit programmes developed live in the virtual classroom as a group to address the issues that are likely to be faced in practice.

"We had to move quickly through a couple of topics but I would have easily signed up with Dennis for another day! Love his trainings."
Internal Auditor, USA Bank
Who Should Attend

Designed primarily for bank internal auditors delegates have also attended from  treasury, risk management and treasury operations management and personnel, IT, operations, HR and software vendor firms.

Additional Course Information

What Does It Cover?

The current liquidity landscape, Key changes at present, Why does liquidity risk matter?, What causes liquidity issues?, What is liquidity risk management?, Different types of liquidity, Liquidity as an issue, Liquidity failures – what can we learn?, Role and structure of liquidity management functions with a bank, The role of ALCO, Forecasting liquidity – what are the challenges?, Managing liquidity in multiple currencies, Currency as an asset class, Information requirements for liquidity risk management, Liquidity solutions, Will they really work?, The BIS liquidity risk sound practices paper, The key elements, What this means for a bank, Key elements of the standards, Basel 3 liquidity requirements, Liquidity coverage ratio, Net Stable Funding Ratio, High quality liquid assets, The implications for internal audit, Aligning regulatory standards to the risk-based audit approachWhat is the ILAAP?, Relationship to the ICAAP, Structure of the ILAAP, Building the ILAAP, Key issues in the ILAAP, Reporting and issues, Challenge and governance, Introduction to measuring and managing liquidity:, Distributions and uncertainty, Volatility measures, VaR, EVE, NII, Curvature, Contractual v Behavioral data, Gap analyses, Fan diagrams and uncertainty, Systems and IT, Data obligations, What is cash management?, Which assets does a firm consider for liquidity management?, Asset liquidity v business liquidity, Maintaining a stock of high-quality liquid assets, Margins and encumbered assets, Impact of interest rate risk on liquidity management, Impact of foreign exchange risk on liquidity management, Cash Management v liquidity management, Behavioural data analysis, How does liquidity really vary?, Maintaining sufficient banking line and much more



Learning Objectives

Delegates will gain specialist technical and behavioural knowledge and ‘on the job training’ style experience required to approach, develop audit programmes and actually conduct audits relating to

  • The governance of liquidity risk
  • The regulatory requirements regarding liquidity risk management
  • The ILAAP
  • The management of liquidity risk
  • Cash management
  • The measurement and modelling of liquidity risk
  • The contingency funding plan
  • Liquidity risk reporting

Tier 1 Big Bank Expert-led, hands-on practical Case Studies feature

Consider some recent cases of liquidity issues – what are the key lessons for internal audit?

Case Study:  Develop an audit approach to address the Sound Practices for Liquidity Risk

Case Study:  Develop an audit approach to address the Basel 3 liquidity risk requirements

Case Study:  Develop an audit program to address the ILAAP project and reporting

Case Study:  What are the techniques that are most appropriate for your bank and why?

Case Study:  Develop an audit program to address cash management

Case Study:  Develop an audit program to address behavioural data management

Case Study:  Develop an audit program to address bank balance sheet management

Case Study:  Develop an audit program to address liquidity risk mitigation

Case Study:  Develop an audit program to address liquidity risk indicators

Case Study:  Develop an audit program to address the development and use of contingency funding plans

Case Study:  Develop an audit program to address liquidity stress testing

Case Study:  Develop an audit program to address liquidity risk reporting

Case Study:  What are the key liquidity risk challenges for the future?  How will this change internal audit?

Social Learning & Methods

Highly interactive expert-led intensive presentation, Q&A, group real-time in-depth case studies, regulation and discussion supported by key principles and theory. The virtual learning platform uses safe, industry preferred encrypted Cisco WebEx to optimize live face-to-face visual interaction, discrete chat, for polling and quizzes. (An invitation via email with access link is included for all participants.)


NEW Approaches to Auditing Liquidity Risk Management & the ILAAP

Course Fee

Early Bird Discounts of 10% available by May 15, 2021

Course Fee (per person):
GBP £2,495.00 (+ UK VAT when applicable)

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