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CEOs Message

Banking is always a complex industry to predict and with both significant economic pressures combined with major regulatory change this can never have been truer. As we write the US Federal Reserve Bank has announced the end of QE or quantitative easing. What impact will this have on the financial services sector and the real economy and will this lead to the expected interest rate rises? With Basel 3 (for banking) and Solvency 2 and the ORSA (for insurance) in the process of being implemented including new requirements for liquidity and capital all firms in the financial services industry need to assess their business models to ensure that they remain relevant.

This creates additional issues for risk managers. When you are in the middle of an economic trend data can be available and useful, but when there is significant change this is no longer the case. Further, although risk management is at the core of management of the financial services industry it is often still poorly understood and can often be working within silos resulting in sub optimal decision making at executive levels. What other areas do we see as being the most daunting in the coming year?

Compliance is a top growing expense. The recent enactment and enforcement of legislation has been aimed at protecting the consumer and promoting financial stability. The implications for consumer protection are far-reaching and financial services companies need to think defensively. Under Basel II/ III, even US community – 3000 of them - plus midsized banks (in addition to nationals or global banks) face new and changing requirements around stress testing. Conduct risk has risen up the corporate agenda as high profile penalties have been levied for inappropriate activity being conducted at major banks.

Cybersecurity and financial crime is everyone's problem. Cybercrime has emerged as a top concern and a systemic threat to the global financial services industry, reinforced by insight shared throughout the year by various regulators including the US Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and senior officials from the Federal Reserve and Federal Bureau of Investigation. Denial of service attacks, account takeovers and incidents of identity theft against large multinational, community and midsized banks alike, have proved that no one is immune. It continues and requires cross-border joined-up thinking and actions starting an operational risk management levels (anti-money laundering, rogue trading and insider dealing) within banks and financial institutions.

Banks need better talent management. Amidst increasing risks and compliance complexity, it is a fact that there just are not enough people with the right skills to do what needs to be done. The work of the Human Resources department is more critical than ever, and banks need to get smart about their talent management programs. Rather than hire and train new staff, the focus should be on employee retention, training and professional development opportunities. To meet this need Risk Reward’s in-house models for Financial Risk Academies and international recruitment were a direct response to both regulators and banks seeking short term turnaround solutions to improve knowledge, application and developing sound judgement in risk management departments.

The regulatory bar for enterprise risk management has increased. Over the last year expectations regarding risk management have increased. Enterprise risk management brings everything together ideally in real time leading to integrated stress testing and decision making. Living wills and recovery and resolution plans together with ICAAPs, ILAAs and ORSAs all working from risk appetite to create change emphasise this. In the US the regulatory community has been required to significantly increase their knowledge base and expectations around Enterprise Risk Management programs across the banking sector, including midsized and community banks. It is our privilege to support the US banking sector as it adopts Basel II/III and joining the global banking community to ensure that the Annual Risk Assessment is a useful document.

Our risk management experts can lend the needed support to help firms to manage through these challenges. When you select a Risk Reward expert for your project you get a senior risk management specialist who has felt the business pressures and those of the regulator and has been at the coalface, who adds value from day one which results in better, shorter and more cost-effective results.

Engaging Risk Reward means that we can supply your firm globally with fully scalable solutions, too. This may range from an individual expert advisor at Board or Executive level helping you in determining your firm’s risk strategy or establishing a new risk management team assisting your firm to implement your strategy and risk appetite framework and rolling out a programme worldwide.

So whether you are looking for a short-term, risk advisory project, a major risk change and transformation programme, a Chief Risk Officer or risk managers, an in-house Risk Academy, or a short, quick Executive Debrief Risk Reward is here to support you and your organisation.

At Risk Reward we offer a vast range of training programmes covering almost every aspect of risk management, corporate governance, banking, treasury, accounting, internal audit, insurance and a host of other related subjects.

  • We have the ability to tailor courses to meet your needs or develop entirely new courses to suit your exact requirements. Whatever your training needs, our expert trainers will design and write course materials that fit perfectly with your corporate objectives. 
  • Our training is focused, practical and results orientated. Our expert trainers write and deliver their own course materials and construct practical exercises and discussions based on real experience ensuring delegates always derive the maximum practical as well as academic benefits from our courses.
  • We offer cost effective in-house training programmes that allow the client to determine the content, depth, attendee size, structure, length and sequence of the training within the security of their own firm or premises.

Accredited Courses

Risk Reward are official training providers for:

  • Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (CISI)
  • Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales (ICAEW)
  • Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA)
  • Learning Resource Network 

Adding value to your business

We add value to all of our training projects from the first instance by offering a host of complimentary services such as:

  • Conference Calls with you to determine your business goals and preferred training formats
  • Account Manager to offer you full support and advice and to ensure that all your requirements are met efficiently
  • Professional friendly and prompt response to your enquiries
  • Customised course outlines and course materials to meet with your organisation's or department's specific needs
  • Questionnaires created with your teams to determine delegates levels and depth of subject knowledge pre-training
  • Evaluation forms prepared for delegates post-training
  • Post-training diagnostic, analytical and reporting services and conference calls
  • Complimentary email Question & Answer services to the trainer from the delegates for 3 months