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Risk Management

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Risk Reward Solutions

Risk Reward Solutions Limited provides web or cloud based software solutions to the problems that the markets face.  With a focus on two business areas:

  1. Educational Solutions; and
  2. Risk Solutions

Risk Reward Solutions Limited has four world beating solutions for the problems that firms face in practice, problems that we have been seeing at our clients for many years.  These are all practical answers that do not need software to be loaded onto your existing systems.  Instead they are designed to utilize cloud or web applications and intuitive interfaces to enable anyone to use the systems with the minimum of fuss.  No need for a lengthy project to ensure that systems are combatable, rather the output can immediately be used.   Each of these products already has satisfied users and is ready to solve your problems.


RR Bank Modeller

This product provides a simple answer for a difficult problem which is faced by many firms.   The issue is that there are so many banks around and they are hard to assess efficiently.  Pressure is then placed on the credit analysts to undertake proper assessment, but what should they use to supplement external ratings data?  External ratings tend to be out of date and do not properly reflect the softer issues which are also of relevance to the assessment.  The problem has been that it has been hard to identify a solution that solves this problem. 

This product takes BankScope and other data and provides a dashboard to enable modelling of the risk the institution poses to the firm.  With a full audit trail it facilitates stress testing and the output can be fed into your systems.  The information is updated as soon as BankScope update their information.  It also includes proprietary analysis of the other issues relevant to your assessment providing data in an attractive scorecard framework.  This is an information based solution which is accessed through a web portal, password controlled.  A short presentation on the key facets of the solution may be found through this link.

Any firm looking at multiple financial institutions will find this product of benefit, enabling efficient risk reporting and supporting the work of the limited number of risk professionals.


RR Country Modeller

RR Country Modeller has similarities to the Bank Modeller solution.  As firms seek to understand the nature of country risk there are both economic, political and environmental issues that need to be considered.  At present there again are country ratings, but these do not address all of these issues in a way that provides a full audit trail enabling stress testing to be conducted.  RR Country Modeller uses IMF and World Bank data supplemented by proprietary analysis and scoring to provide you with the information you require to understand country risk providing either a replacement for or a supplement to external ratings data.  

This product is also designed to be accessed through your normal web browser and has both a full audit trail and the ability to download data.  A short presentation can be found through this link.

Any firm interested in multiple countries will find this product of benefit, enabling efficient risk reporting and supporting the work of the investment and risk professionals.


RR Collaber8

A piece of educational software, RR Collaber8 provides a solution to a different problem.  At present the offering is either classroom training or on line training whether static or webinar.   That is not a sensible set of options and fails to properly utilise the power of technology.

RR Collarber8 allows delegates to interact with each other and the presenter during an event.  It facilitates team work recording each person’s contribution and facilitates bringing ideas together and voting.  More importantly there is n requirement for external hardware or software – the device is the person’s own phone.  

The existing market is for voting software where a series of devices are required.  None of that exists with this product which can also be used to enable people in different countries to all provide thoughts and ideas in an innovation setting.


RR Accademia

RR Accademia is a web based learning management system.  Working from the job description of an individual, this is turned into a skills map.  These skills maps together with training limitations and constraints lead to the courses required by the individual.

Each delegate is asked as to the skills that they have.  If they claim to have a skills level this is assessed through the system.  If they fail the assessment then this will drive training requirements for the individual.

Each individual has their own portal where all of the materials related to their training events are held.  They are then instructed to attend an event, approved within their firm and to take materials with them relevant to the event in whatsoever form they require.  There is an optional examination either daily or per event and full reporting to the delegate and their firm.  Interdivisional invoicing is even available.  

Most existing learning management systems do not really manage learning but record attendance.  This is a true tool of use to management.  More information can be found through the following link.

If you would like more information regarding any of these solutions please call us on 020 7638 5558 or email

We look forward to hearing from you.