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Risk Management

Taking the holistic approach

Risk Management

Internal Audit

Five major drivers

Internal Audit

Islamic Banking and Finance

Interpretation & Implementation

Islamic Banking & Finance


Banking Regulation and Business


Treasury and Capital Markets

Market and Liquidity Risk

Treasury & Capital Markets

Financial Crime

Don't be scared, be prepared

Financial Crime

Red Chair

“Today knowledge has power. It controls access to opportunity and advancement."
Peter F. Drucker

There are times when you need to know something right now.

          • Before the Regulator calls.

          • Before your competitor beat you to it.

          • Before your External Auditor discovers it.

          • Before reporting to the Risk Committee, Audit Committee or the Board.

          • Before publishing that key article or granting the interview.

          • Before reporting it to your MLRO or Compliance Officer.

Red Chair ™ Is a discreet service for these situations and more.

Industry-experts with more than 20 years relevant international subject matter expertise and experience in banking,  capital markets, financial services and insurance are available by telephone ‘live’ to give you the information you need.

Queries range from the impact of impending  financial regulation on future business, and the opportunities it will create;  to checking the AAOIFI and IFSB rules for Islamic institutions in the GCC, Malaysia and Nigeria; to the latest updates on new Corporate Governance rules; how to identify and report an inside rogue trader; or the best way to report sensitive internal audit findings to the Audit Committee; validation of your own thinking with an established expert in the field.

Brief, concise answers to your questions are given ‘live’ in English and followed in writing charged on an hourly basis. As we are fully independent, your questions are managed discreetly, using either an account set up to your firm for multiple users or for your personally, with payment by credit card/PayPal. High quality advice, professional standards and complete confidentiality are guaranteed.

Who says bankers, chartered accountants, risk experts, bank internal auditors, financial crime specialists and Islamic finance experts are hard to talk to when you need them?

Contact Lisette Mermod by telephone +44 (0) 7638 5558 or Email: to speak to an expert.

Red Chair ™  When You Need to Know Now.