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Islamic Banking and Finance

Assalamu Alaykum

Islamic finance represents an exciting element of the financial services environment. Increasingly new standards, products and approaches are being developed to internationally address the unique challenges that this maturing industry requires.

At Risk Reward we have been involved with Islamic finance for many years, undertaking a range of assignments as advisors, consultants or trainers. Addressing key issues of internal audit, risk management and corporate governance within Islamic banking, our work is recognised as both innovative and practical.

With clients within the global Islamic finance market from Saudi Arabia to Malaysia we have a broad perspective on the issues, solutions and differences that exist. Our experience of AAOFI and IFSB rulings combined with our background in international regulation including BIS standards as well as risk management enables us to provide the advice and guidance that banks and financial institutions in this developing industry require.

The risk management issues of Islamic finance are different to those of traditional banks and the solutions can also be different. Liquidity risk specifically provides a series of additional challenges, with shariah complaint solutions being necessary. Designing appropriate risk mitigation techniques that effectively reduce risk in Islamic finance firms is at the heart of our service offering.

These are exciting times for Islamic finance. We look forward to assisting your firms in achieving their Islamic banking goals.


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Risk Reward experts are leading bankers, chartered accountants (ACA, CIMA) and internal auditors qualified to both traditional banking by the Islamic Finance Qualification (IFQ) standards as issued jointly by the Ecole Superieure des Affaires (Beirut) and the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments (CISI).

They have worked extensively in the GCC, CIS, Malaysian, West African and other Islamic markets. All our senior staff must pass our rigorous quality selection process in which relevant career experience, expertise and practical know-how are prerequisites. We also require an ability to work cross-culturally and sensitively and transfer knowledge in the most effective ways.

Our aim is to ensure our experts "hit the ground running" whenever a client engages us so that we immediately add value on any assignment and reduce unnecessarily lengthy projects, impacting on significant cost savings.


Risk Reward Chief Executive is retained as an advisor to one of the largest GCC Islamic Banks and keeps in regular contact with top management and the regulatory authorities. We can therefore claim with authority that Risk Reward is at the leading edge of the Islamic market and is conversant with the "hot" issues challenging the major Islamic banking players.

We also have the only professional banking and financial services all female training team led by chartered accountant Elaine Oddie, OBE, for assignments in 57 countries.

Risk Reward writes and delivers practical Islamic Banking & Finance training, both in-house and public courses, for bank regulators and practitioners focusing on the following areas:

  • Islamic Finance Qualification (CISI Accredited Certificate)
  • Introduction to Islamic Banking & Finance
  • Advanced Islamic Banking & Finance (Products)
  • Risk Management of Islamic Finance
  • Credit Risk in Islamic Finance
  • Liquidity Risk in Islamic Finance
  • Liquidity Management in Islamic Banks
  • Market Risk in Islamic Finance
  • Treasury Management for Islamic Banks
  • Islamic Retail Banking
  • Islamic Corporate Banking
  • Islamic Private Banking, Wealth and Portfolio Management
  • Islamic International Trade Finance
  • Client Relationship Management in Islamic Finance
  • Auditing Islamic Finance Workshop
  • Accounting & Auditing Organisation for Islamic Financial Institutions
  • Islamic Financial Standards Board (IFSB) Standards
  • AAOIFI Shariah Principles
  • Islamic Insurance (Takaful) CII Accredited
  • Islamic Credit Loan Restructuring Class
  • Islamic CRM
  • Islamic Stress Testing and Reverse Stress Testing
  • Islamic Stress Testing and Scenario Modelling

Risk Reward has one of the largest Islamic Finance teams in the industry and can offer global support for technical consultancy on all areas of Islamic Banking and Finance, training, risk management, accounting and internal audit.

As the financial rules within which Islamic finance develop, we are able to assist firms in their interpretation and also their implementation within an internal framework. Risk Reward familiarity with the AAOIFI and IFSB rules together with the IFRS requirements and BIS regulations enables us to provide both a local and an international perspective.

Our services include:

  • Consultancy - We can assist you with any credit, liquidity, operational, market or other risk based challenges, Basel Committee and/or Islamic Financial Services Board.
  • Guidance - We can help you solve problems, restructure or remodel systems or just improve your operations generally.
  • Training - We can design a training program in any aspect of Islamic Finance including AAOIFI and IFSB requirements.

Our clients confirm that these services are competitively priced, with prompt, friendly and professional quotes for projects of any scope and scale.


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