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Risk Management

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Risk Management

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Enterprise Risk in a Nutshell - New E-Book

Risk management is an often used phrase that is rarely fully embedded within the business process and procedures of firms. This text looks at the challenges faced in implementing a risk management framework as well as the key elements of such a framework. It is designed for the business professional that is not an expert in risk management and addresses all of the major risks that are likely to be faced in practice, considering the risk mitigation and measurement techniques that are most likely to be relevant. This is an intermediate text and accordingly does not focus on the mathematical elements but rather provides a readable entry text for anyone seeking information on this important subject.

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Table of contents:
Chapter 1 What Is Risk?
Chapter 2 The Role of Enterprise Risk Management
Chapter 3 The Key Building Blocks
Chapter 4 Risk Governance
Chapter 5 Embedding Risk Management in the Business
Chapter 6 The Problem of Quantification
Chapter 7 Risk Appetite
Chapter 8 Risk Register
Chapter 9 The Three Lines of Defense Model
Chapter 10 Risk Training
Chapter 11 Risk Metrics
Chapter 12 Internal Loss Data
Chapter 13 Risk and Control Self-assessment
Chapter 14 Stress Testing
Chapter 15 Liquidity Risk
Chapter 16 Credit Risk Management
Chapter 17 Putting It All Together

This newest risk publication is only available in an on-line version from the publisher, BEP | Business Expert Press or from valued retailers such as below: