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Risk Management

Taking the holistic approach

Risk Management

Internal Audit

Five major drivers

Internal Audit

Islamic Banking and Finance

Interpretation & Implementation

Islamic Banking & Finance


Banking Regulation and Business


Treasury and Capital Markets

Market and Liquidity Risk

Treasury & Capital Markets

Financial Crime

Don't be scared, be prepared

Financial Crime

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Why choose Risk Reward Search?

We Understand What You Do

As recruiters we really do understand your CV. How many times has a generalist recruiter not understood the complexities of a quantitative credit risk role or the difference between first and second line Operational risk or the work of professional Internal Auditors?

At Risk Reward Search you can be sure that not only do we understand what you do but we will understand where you need to go.

What You Really Want from Us

To a candidate delivery is about service. Risk Reward Search upholds the highest level of service to make sure your experience is professional and stress-free from start to finish.

  • We guaranteed to report back to you with feedback from either a submittal or interview
  • We will always respond to a CV application and will reply to all calls and emails
  • We will never “hard sell” any position and will always respect your decision not to apply or  to withdraw. 

We Appreciate the Sensitivity of a Move

Risk Reward Search understands that the most important attribute to candidates is the search firm’s integrity. This is why we have made this a core commitment in our service promise.

Risk Reward Search guarantees to act at all times with integrity, honesty and to the highest ethical standards.

We respect your confidentiality and privacy which is why amongst other things we operate a strict “permission first” submittal policy and will never send details relating to our activity to a work email address unless previously discussed.

Customer Care

As part of the Risk Reward Group, we are able to offer all candidates bespoke consultation to increase their knowledge, techniques and skill sets to add value to their career.

We offer all placed candidates a comprehensive support network for 3 months and with prior client approval can offer specialist GRC training to corporate and internationally recognised GRC qualifications as part of a successful career move.

For more information about preparatory accredited training please click here.