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Risk Management

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The banking industry is experiencing major change as a consequence of both the recent crisis and the consequent regulatory responses. Business models need to be reviewed to ensure that they continue to meet present and future customer and regulatory requirements. New products better suited to current markets will need to evolve to meet these needs with existing products either being modified or replaced.

During such periods of change and uncertainty firms need expertise to provide solutions to the challenges faced. At Risk Reward with our focus on knowledge and experience we are able to provide a level of business and technical support which we believe is world class. Our consultants all have in excess of 25 years of relevant experience of the industry which they are able to use for the benefits of our clients. Addressing issues from microfinance and leasing to complex financial engineering in wholesale markets our consultants can provide expert guidance throughout retail and corporate banking.

With our focus on quality and service we are able to apply our knowledge to the problems and issues that currently confront businesses. Designing and implementing practical cost effective solutions, our experts are available to supplement your existing team to enable your firm to meet the challenges of today.

Whether we are addressing lending, customer relationship management, clearing systems, back office processing, risk management or corporate governance to name a few of the services offered, we apply the same level of care to each assignment.

The banking industry has many different types of participant each of which has different challenges, strategies and regulations. At Risk Reward our consultants have the skills and experience to provide innovative practical solutions to meet these challenges regardless of industry sector. Our ability to exceed expectations combined with our focus on quality enables us to add value to our clients. Such cost-effective expert led assistance and co-sourcing enable our clients to achieve their business objectives efficiently. Contact Risk Reward to find out how we can help you.


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The recent turbulence in the financial markets has put the spotlight very firmly on this sector of the financial market. We have seen the near global nationalisation of some of the world's biggest banks, global illiquidity on a scale never before imagined, let alone experienced, and an unprecedented number of central bank interventions to support money markets. This has prompted the inevitable cries of 'where did it all go wrong' and the equally strident demands that 'this must never happen again.'

This has lead to a re-examination of Basel II, capital levels, bank regulation and even a complete revision of the way all banks do business, control credit risks and manage their balance sheets. At Risk Reward we expect the emphasis, at least initially, will be on prudence, safety, capital adequacy and liquidity with the interests of depositors placed above all other considerations in the short term. Shareholders will be forced to take a back seat and the practice of maximising shareholder returns and creating real shareholder value will be allowed to fall into the background until normality is restored.

Our banking and treasury trainers have been around the world non-stop on assignment with banks and central banks and have recently been updating and re-writing existing and developing new courses. This recent experience in the field, from Shanghai to New York, Riyadh to Johannesburg, provides a fresh and up-to-date view of the challenges banks are facing today. It also provides a window to the near and medium term future as banks redesign their strategic plans in new regulatory and business environments worldwide. It is clear that with all this change we also recognise that the 'basic laws of physics' cannot be changed and at a micro level the essential skills of banking and treasury management remain as important and fundamental to banks as ever.

Risk Reward offers a wide range of advisory sessions starting at the top of organisations for its Board level and senior management on topics such as the following:

  • The purchase of banking and non-banking licenses in overseas and off-shore markets
  • How to structure and valuate banks for mergers and acquisitions
  • How to develop the structure and organisation of new banks
  • Creation of risk policies, procedures, systems and manual development
  • The set up, management and control of individual business units
  • Corporate governance, oversight and Board responsibilities
  • Home/Host Regulatory issues for banks growing internationally or cross-border

Our banking experts provide advisory sessions from running a retail bank to restructuring a credit department to coping strategies and tactics for banks facing regulatory 'red letters' to setting up an Islamic 'window'. We can provide your organisation with the advice, experience and practical skills that they need quickly and, where required, discreetly.

Once the top of the organisation has achieved 'buy-in' then advisory sessions and training courses are usually designed for senior and middle managers. These courses may be proposed as 'refreshers' or 'new learning', with or without UK Institute qualifications (e.g. the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment Certificate in Risk) and on-line examinations as desired.

Our banking and treasury specialists have been on the business edge of the business end of banking. As bankers they faced challenges with regulators and shareholders alike and understanding those pressures can propose real, viable solutions.

Risk Reward differentiates itself from other firms by its access to quality, service excellence and affordability, especially for banks in emerging markets. Please be assured thought that we do not engage academics, retirees, juniors, researchers, or post graduates to deliver any advisory services or training.

All our experts are handpicked by our selection panel and to qualify must have at least 20 years relevant banking and capital markets experience at a senior level plus international experience in both developed and emerging markets.

Why is this important? This means that our experts can 'hit the ground running' offering real career experience and adding value by offering real-life examples and experiences. As a result our clients tell us they achieved the following:

  • Higher quality deliverables
  • Added value for parallel projects with opportunities for cross-fertilisation
  • Shorter training project length
  • Faster 'return on investment' to deal with the bank's challenge
  • Significant cost savings

If your organisation demands cutting edge advisory services and training delivered by banking and treasury experts with actual practical, working experience then Risk Reward has a solution for you.

Risk Reward has been undertaking Banking training, both in-house and public courses, for many years focusing on the following areas:


  • Retail Banking
  • Investment Banking
  • Corporate Banking
  • Private Banking
  • Islamic Banking
  • Client Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Principles of Financial Services Regulations
  • Risk in Financial Services
  • The Role of the Relationship Manager
  • Lending & Appraisal Skills
  • Collections, Recoveries & Debt Management Skills
  • Structured Finance
  • Microfinance & Micro Business
  • Credit Risk, SME Lending & Business Development
  • Trade Finance
  • Project Finance
  • Back Office Management
  • Global Operations
  • Credit Cards
  • First Time Managers

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